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Jerry Garcia Band - May 28, 1983

Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth, MA

Recording Info:

(FOB) Nakamichi 700 -> Cassette Master (Sony TC-D5M/Maxell XLII-S90)

Transfer Info:

Cassette Master (Nakamichi DR-1) -> Sound Devices 744T (24bit/48k) ->

Adobe Audition v3.0 -> Samplitude Professional v11.1 -> FLAC/16

(2 Discs Audio / 2 Discs FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller


July 6, 2010


-- Thanks to Steve Rolfe for lending me his masters

-- Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with the pitch correction

Set 1:

d1t01 - How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)

d1t02 - They Love Each Other

d1t03 - Knockin' On Heaven's Door

d1t04 - I Second That Emotion

d1t05 - Gomorrah ->

d1t06 - Run For The Roses

Set 2:

d2t01 - Tuning

d2t02 - Rhapsody In Red

d2t03 - Harder They Come

d2t04 - Don't Let Go

d2t05 - Dear Prudence

d2t06 - Tangled Up In Blue


d2t07 - Midnight Moonlight

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