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  1. Ive done dicks before and I quite like dicks.
  2. Great show! ... PS, Im getting too old for this shit.
  3. yeah, they played like a hurricane at massey hall. was a fun encore. this band is infectious. cool that y'all like them too. re: barr bros ... a definite hillside 17 highlight. that would be a fun double bill.
  4. ... went to see War on Drugs couple weeks ago at Massey Hall. really liked them. they sound like modern dylan.
  5. This is a huge blow to our community. So very sad. My thoughts and warm vibes go out out to his friends and family. What a wonderful note from his brother, it must have been terribly difficult to write. No doubt, the passion and hard work Brad put into his taping will live on. Tapes brought many of us together here and Brad was a kind and generous leader, a pioneer, a machine. Tapes do more than just record a musical performance. They allow us to re-live over and over an enjoyable road trip to a small club or huge shed far far away or just around the corner; a comically awful interstate meal saved only by a crane machine in the lobby; a new kind friend on a lawn somewhere; a frantic search for that one forgotten audio connector, graciously solved by a fellow taper; a visit to MOMA or South Beach; 2am dinner at a local dive; a well stuffed padded envelope in the mailbox ... and yes, the music, the show, the experience ... an epic 3hr marathon; a singular guitar note; first-heards; clinking glasses; "hey, are you recording this?"; popular songs; weird songs; strange but brilliant one-offs; last shows. Real or vicarious, Brad gave all of this to us. Rest in Peace, BradM. Thank you.
  6. ... to longtime taper, Jason H. and his wonderful bride, Ida. Congratulations, Jason and Ida.
  7. yes, thanks for the videos Marcus. was a memorable show indeed.
  8. A big loss. He will be missed.
  9. wow. it's disappointing to see some folks here whining about how few shows the band is playing.
  10. Fuck cancer. Wishing Gord the best. So Sad.
  11. siriusxmu just had a feature on this and played a bunch of tracks. some fun stuff. was co-hosted by the national fwiw, i actually quite like the national.
  12. i was in a stevie wonder mood today. sir duke. mmmmmm.
  13. The good amex presale seats were a bit too pricey, but I'd love to see her. She's a legend.
  14. This is upsetting. Such a devastating year. RIP Prince
  15. back from the Santa Clara shows ... wonderful enjoy chicago, everyone.
  16. ann sathers. trying for tix as well. i liked the nostalgic feel to the process, brought back good memories of doing MO for the dead. i was inconvenienced by the decision to not just go online. but i appreciate the idea that the MO didnt have a big chunk of tix, and won't really affect people's TM and other chances; but i also recognize that there may actually still be grateful dead fans out there who dont use computers and this is a kind decision to give them a chance too. dunno. do know im excited about it. very.
  17. i love gilbert, 'specially on howard.
  18. really, eh. it was hard to leave.
  19. i hope your car had seat heaters
  20. You got your Maze, Zero and Hood, Velvet. Good call. I was hoping for a Contact too but loved the Maze opener and the Good Times encore was a perfect ending to the run. I'd suggest that "empty" is an overstatement, though. NYE was full, and I would estimate that the remaining evenings ranged from 80% to 90% full once people were inside. The shows didn't begin until after 8:15, and everyone knew that, so they just didnt bother to come in early because it was so nice outside. Indeed, it was a slow clusterfuck outside for those who waited to come in late. That the last three shows were not sold out was likely due to PTBM screwing folks with shitty uppers when they mail-ordered and they either didn't bother making the trip down or they upgraded. I would suggest that Velvet getting tix for that cheap outside was the exception, not the rule. i saw several face- or above face- transactions outside and there were very few good tix available for $15, sure maybe some uppers for that price (which would have been fine to get in and sneak down). Honestly, I've seen it a lot worse with people dumping tix well below face at MSG than what I saw in Miami this year. I really enjoyed all four shows. Had a real old school feel to the run. Happy New Year!
  21. Happy New Year to all our Jamband friends. ... just checked into our miami hotel, chilling for a bit, and getting super excited about some great shows.
  22. can you believe he's charging $22 for shipping!! highway robbery, i tell ya!!
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