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Aretha Franklin tonight for free in TO!


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Anyone else checking out Aretha for free at the TO Jazz Fest?

Here's all the info:


NOTE: Admission is free. Outdoor video screens at Metro Square will make the concert accessible for everyone. No tickets. No seating.

Wristband Policy for Access to the Marquee: A limited number of wristbands will be distributed at 4:00pm on Friday June 24th at the "Will Call" tent on the north side of Metro Square (near King Street)on a first come, first served basis.

Marquee doors open at 7:00pm. Limit of 1 wristband per person.

I have the afternoon off, so gonna head down to get a wristband for the marquee. I am not familiar with the venue set up at all, wonder what this is all about.

Ride The Tiger is playing at The Orbit Room after if you're looking for something funky to do!

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I snuck in to the tent! The security guy was texting and I zoomed right in. My friend right behind me wasn't so lucky. Aretha's voice brought the thunder! Worst show set up EVER though down there by the way. Horrible sight lines (or no sight lines at all) for the 90% of the crowd who were not inside the tent that she played in.

The Orbit Room was to capacity which was a bummer as I had about 15 people heading there for my bday! :( Went to some other place called NACO instead.

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