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  1. DevO

    Phish Summer Tour '19

    Yes!! Toronto! It's been a couple years since I bought Phish tickets. Does anyone even bother with PTBM any more? I've been screwed (i..e. getting stuck with lawns that I don't want) so many times, that I assume no one bothers. Unless they want lawns.
  2. DevO

    Where can I hear some Kevin Breit?

    This is the first I've heard of the band.
  3. DevO

    Where can I hear some Kevin Breit?

    Just noticed on the Cameron House website that Kevin Breit and David Baxter will be playing: Thurs Nov 8 @ 6 PM Thurs Nov 15 @ 6 PM Also, Kevin mentioned from the stage last week at the Sisters Euclid show that there will be another Johnny Goldtooth show in Toronto sometime in early December.
  4. Nice. Thanks Steve! There were no surprise guests at the Sisters show on Thursday... but a killer show nonetheless! Mark Lalama was absent so they played in power trio format.
  5. Sisters Euclid have a gig tonight at 3030 in Toronto. Just sayin!
  6. Jesus H Christ! I knew that Cyro was coming but had no idea that was what the lineup was gonna look like. I will be out of town and have to miss the show. I am so so bummed. ? Hope lots of you can make it!
  7. DevO

    CityFolk 2018 rumours

    Good choice phorbs. The David Byrne show in Toronto a month or two ago was AMAZING. Maybe my number one show of 2018. Definitely top 3!
  8. DevO

    Supercrawl 2018

    Is this weekend. Anyone going? I am around on the Saturday but honestly don't know any of the bands that are playing that day, except for Wax Mannequin and BA. http://supercrawl.ca/schedule
  9. DevO

    Outlaw Music Festival

    Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real seems to have been dropped from the lineup... maybe another 1 or 2?
  10. DevO

    For serious washboard players only....

    Washboard Hank is a Peterborough legend! So great to see he's still at it.
  11. DevO

    Circles Around the Sun (Neil Casal)

    New album, or just a single? I heard a new single on Spotify...
  12. DevO

    Happy birthday Bouche

    Happy belated birthday bouche!
  13. DevO

    Circles Around the Sun (Neil Casal)

    Bring 'em on up to Canadaaaa!
  14. DevO

    anyone hitting Bela tonite then?

    Nice! Do you know this Grappeli Grisman album? Such an awesome album that is under the radar. Also its pretty easy to find used copies of the LP in the $5-10 range. I buy it when I see it and give it out to friends that don't have it. (Sorry for the thread hijack, Booche's fault.)