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New Guitar Documentary 'Musicwood' Opens in NYC


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Documentary website: http://musicwoodthefilm.com/


A new guitar-based documentary Musicwood will make its debut today in New York City. The movie is centered around three of the world’s most famous guitar makers, Chris Martin (Martin Guitars), Bob Taylor (Taylor Guitars) and Dave Berryman (Gibson), as they travel to the Tongass, a remote forest in SE Alaska. The Tongass is home to the valuable Sitka Spruce trees that make the most acoustic guitar soundboards. The Spruce trees are currently being logged at a staggering rate. The guitar makers meet with the largest private company that is logging the Tongass and struggle to determine the future of the forest and the acoustic guitar.

The movie will debut at the Quad Cinema from November 1-7 and is also available on iTunes. Special Q&A’s will also be held this week and will include musicians Steve Earle, Adam Gardner (Guster), Chris Eldridge (Punch Brothers), Dawn Landes as well as stars of the film, filmmakers, Patagonia and much more.

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It's a pretty dismal situation really. The entire guitar industry goes through as much Sitka spruce in a year as the average saw mill does in an 8 hour shift.

The rate that this great sounding wood is evaporating at is astounding.

All of those mentioned, plus others from other musical instrument makers are trying have a section forest set aside for them to be properly managed to ensure a future for high grade sitka srpuce in instrument manufacturing. Not sure how that's going....

It isn't like we haven't been down this road with so many woods and other resources.

Sounds like an interesting movie!

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