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Death Cake @ Doldrums Friday Night (Ott.) Feb. 28


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On Friday, February 28, 2014, Death Cake (live recordings of which can be found here) will be playing at Cafe Dekcuf in Ottawa, ON, as part of "Doldrums Friday Night":

This year’s Friday Night Feature is gonna be a doozie of a noisy night. Newcomers Destroy Clocks are going to bend space and time with their post-punk convulsions. Glorious Moonrockets are going to take us on a ride to the moon and back and then beyond with volumes of incomprehensible power. The Gutter Rocks have been creating quite a stir in the Ottawa underground as of late with their heavy shoegaze sound, equal parts buzz saw and church bell, and I’m quite excited to see what they have in store for us. Rounding out the night will be Ottawa’s kings of alt-rock, one of my favorite bands of the last 5 years, Amalgamation. If you haven’t seen them, and particularly the new lineup of the last year or so, you are in for a treat indeed!

Stay tuned for one more band to be announced!

Destroy Clocks


Death Cake


The Glorious MoonRockets


The Gutter Rocks




A Facebook event for the show can be found here. The doors are at 8pm, and I think Death Cake will be served at 9pm. The cover charge is $8 at the door.



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