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Ryan Adams on the Winterland DVD


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...But that's funny, it's good to come out of the fog and see what's good. Hey, did you get the Winterland DVD box set?

Pitchfork: Not yet.

Ryan: Aww, you gotta get it. It's so fucking good. It's that whole era, the first real introduction of the band. It's really slow, but it's pretty fucking amazing, and it's pretty long, and the audio is kickass.

It's from a nice interview he just did with Pitchfork, basically just called up a girl who had shredded his latest album- basically to show he's human which he did quite well. Here's the link.

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Perhaps it's my own level of self-absorption that makes him seem strikingly down to earth. I think you have to know a bit more about his background most of which they refer to in the article. This was a prudent move on his part and should soften his image somewhat. I liked his comment that you play 120 shows and throw a tantrum at one of them that's the story that everyone remembers. I think my point is we're both victims.

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