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VW question.....not jared, can you help?


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I'm looking at a 71 westy tomorrow, its pretty hurtin' lookin' but pretty cheap.

Anyways, I talked to the owner today and he said the only real problem is the electrical stuff... like when you press the brakes you get the headlights, that sort of thing. Now would this be a major problem or just a matter of figuring out which wire is which through a process of elimination?

any help is appreciated,

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well it all really depends on how much you are paying for the van, its its cheep enought then it doesn;t really matter what wrond with it.

but if you talking aobut problums with the wiring,, and if the headlights come on when you hit the brakes then you are probably looking at a huge wiring problum. i'd stay as far away form that as i could, you'd peoblaly have to replace the whole wiring harness or at least most of it, the fuse pannel is under the bashboard on the driver said, alot of times the windsheild seal goes and water leask on it shorting out everything,

like i said if its sheep enought and you have the cash to fix it then grab it up, and worry about it later,

i just sold my 71 westy for 4000 running, and everything worked, so i guess you could base it on that, if you need any hple just msn or email me lipson@rogers.com

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If the brakes stop the van, then there is really only a wiring problem. You should be able to find out the wires some how. It shouldn't be a problem as long as the wires are easy to get to and you know what you are doing.

My wiring in my cabriolet is fucked up too. I start the car and the horn goes off, radio doesn't work and when I hit little bumps my lights go out and I have to get out and smack them. I have seat warmers but someone has disconected them. Wires come from all over the place. My spedo doesn't work, nor my wipers. Door handles are screwed. As long as my oil light works, I don't care.

But that van sounds pretty sweet!

Of course things are going to break down but as long as you can find cheap parts, your laughing. It really helps if you have some experience fixing VW's.

Even if it doesn't work out, you could always park it somewhere for good and party in it!

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