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  1. that is about how it happened, what timouse didn't mention was that amar and i had to load the first load of stuff (from the customs broker) ourselves and i just about broke my back. we did get moved and after all was said and done we could do nothing but sing amar's praises.he really was incredible! cheers! (wow i think i am up to three whole posts!)
  2. Congratulatioins! Have you picked what instrument he is going to play yet? :7) cheers!
  3. uh, yeah, what she said...that kinda finishes it doesn't it. (actually I can't read that much text on a screen, but it looked good!) It is a barbaric act and don't condone it in any way but if it continues to be done couldn't they at least make it more humane? Beating anything over the head with a club is...well I don't have the words for it....wrong period. I have to print this out to read if that is okay with Sugar Megs. I think her paper sound very interesting.
  4. I actually heard on the radio the other day that in Manchester there is a confrence on the most influencial British band of the last 50years...and guess what: the smiths is that band! People of all ilks are getting together to discuss how great, witty , depressing and progressive (I hate that word sometimes) they were. All I can say is SLLRPPPPP to all the people who made fun of me in high school for listening to that "depressing drivel". cheers!
  5. seems I was just a bit slow off the mark huh? Oh well, how about this If it were within our power, beyond the reach of slavish pride. To no longer harbour grievances, behind the mask's opportunists facade. We could welcome the responsibilty like a long lost friend, and re-establish the kingdom of laughter in the dolls house once again. For time has imprisoned us in the order of our years, in the discipline of our ways and in the passing of momentary stillness we can view our chaos in motion and the subsequent collisions of fools well versed in the subtle art of slavery. this may be a bit obtuse but I can tell you they have reunited and are going on tour! WhoooHoo!
  6. Ha Ha, this one I remember, Guns and Roses Anything Goes or Anything goes Tonight pne of the two. Loved that cover art! Oh I have that tingly nostalgic feeling coming over me I think I want to go and tease my hair!
  7. What Dave wrote is so sweet.i I gotta get Tim mouse to read it and takea notes! Love ya babe and have a great weekend! Looking forward to Chatam!
  8. Um, rats? well yes, as Timmouse said they do make excellent pets (and for anyone that is interested there are three lovely male hooded rats looking for a home complete with cage at the humane society I volunteer at) but these probably wounld't make good pets. Cats do make excellent deterrents for any kind of rodents, but it has to be the right cat. A former stray seem to make the best mousers. We have a cat that looks at mice and other furry rodents but then ywans and looks to me for food. The only other suggestion I have is a complete lock-down. Seal everything, that's what I did in T.O. when I discovered my apartment had cockraoches, and it worked!
  9. I actually found out something interesting about this very topic in my human biology class...excersice during growth makes bones denser. I don't know whether this has anything to do with milk, but a child that is taking gymnastics, dance, soccer, or any other sport that has impacts the bone during growth will help strengthen bones. The unfortunate thing is that by 18 or so it's all over as the bones and cartalige have stopped growing and what we gots is what we gots. Too bad for me as I didn't do any of that sports stuff when I was a kid. I guess I willl do alright in this portion of my mid-term. I am going to ask my teacher about this one, the milk thing that is.
  10. Thank you Ms. Huxtable and bouche for the hospitality and the hot tub! I am sorry timmouse and I missed the chair incident though! We are looking forward to coming back...hint hint. Ottawa is a great place to party!
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