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  1. this dude and his buddies throw a pretty good party...
  2. yeah, i'm gonna hafta second tooly with Winona's Big Brown Beaver and add the following: Wendy - the odds... these guys might otherwise make me dry heave, but this song is so riddled with good memories, its sick Daria - cake Prudence - the "you-know-whos" and lots o' others I'm sure...
  3. i'm likin' 'em... nice recording quality, too!
  4. doggie insisted i go last time and for that, i thank him... even my case of the "winky, winkies" didn't keep me from thoroughly enjoying the show... I hope he's goin' again this time...i, however, must entertain a gentleman who calls himself my father-in-law... he saw me start a bar brawl at the plaza for my stag, so I can no longer deny the man anything! i hopes ya enjoy yerself... just say no to the "cheesedoodle"!
  5. quote:Originally admitted to by Dr. Hux: beige or grey asshole..... yeah, doc, i'm not sure where your speciality lies, but if yer asshole is beige or green i would suggest a proctologist for all you greenvoters out there, might I suggest greige?
  6. shit... i thought i was a geek, but i don't get it... wait a minute.... Rylocks! Oh yes! Now I get it!!! geeky, geeky, geek
  7. quote:Originally posted by bouche: Well, here's a picture of the shed at my summer home. You tell me what colour it is and maybe you can come out there. looks like a shade of Martha Stewart Beigey-Greenish Grey... holy crap! tooly's da man!
  8. i think grey, because all of the space ships in sci-fi movies have grey vinyl siding and they look super cool... but then again, I'm totally opposed to the use of small back yard sheds, as this violates just about every one of the Geneva conventions... i think the discussion of the day, in this case, would differ from the question of the day if the Heir Doctor had phrased the intro like so... "Are small back yard sheds still acceptable in this day and age and, if so, what colours are appropriate?" then someone could say "Small Back Yard Shed" by the Rondelles has been banned from all elevator muzak in the state of Tenessee...
  9. eliminate mosquitoes and you may as well pave the NWT for an RV parking lot, 'cuz that's prolly the only thing keeping the weekend warriors outta that part of the globe... I vote for genital herpes and doggie's quick recovery
  10. gee dub: "boooooorrrnnn to beeeeee wiii-iiiild!" colonectomy: "Fuggin Camp David karaoke night, again..."
  11. the kart winner(s) can travel to K-town for an all-star Phamily Phun World drag race and some drive in movies! vroooom, baby, vroom!!!
  12. i, however, have absolutely no taste! CLT: The soundtrack to Tanya Harding's porn debut
  13. that reminds me of this quote from neil young that kinda sums up the same situation... quote:Originally said by Neil Young:
  14. i dunno 'bout cover bands, but you just described infinity! more seriously, though, bands can cover a tune, but take that tune to a much different level (whether a higher level or lower level, depends entirely on the band) - but, this alone does not a cover band make. a "cover band" is one that does not approach a tune or tunes from a different angle...basically just dusts it off, polishes it up and regurgitates - not that this is a bad thing, it just signals a certain level of talent... i read it on the internet so it must be true.. cover band defined
  15. hmmmm.... porn, e-mails, internet.... you guys might be on to something big here!
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