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  1. bouche, dude, I saw that and considered it. but, I don't think...... Stop right there! "You don't think",eh? Well maybe you should! And then, you'd be getting tickets. rubberdinghy, Can't wait to see you!
  2. Who all's comin? A two night run (mon. tues.) It's gonna be a keeper! peace
  3. PoG, Here's the info. Brad's right july not august. I'm not good with future dates. http://www.flynntix.org/tickets/reserve.aspx?performanceNumber=2293 Mike, Sharon, love you guys. Mooshe told me to tell you that she's loving life.
  4. Aloha Brad, Yeah, that's the one, at the Essex Fairgrounds. The camping at my place is still the cheapest game in town. I'd love to get up for a weekend, but I'm extremely busy right now (meaning saturdays). Take a bus to the border, and I'll pick you up. PoG, You're an all-star? hehehe peace
  5. Hey skanks! My dear brothers and sisters to the north. How are ya? My winter was way more politics than music, what, with the facist regime down here and whatnot. That being said, anyone coming down for the all-star jam in august? peace
  6. Hey Brad, I have a copy of that Mad Mountain Scramblers for you. Happy New Year, brother. peace
  7. Happy New Year to all. May the new year bring peace.
  8. This one might have traction. The 'civil libs' in the republican party are starting to notice that our president thinks he's a king. p.s. In the words of Alfred E. Neuman, "Blechhhh!" peace
  9. That includes a healthy dose of 'this and that', but especially Whatnot. Peace W/eggnog
  10. I hope all my friends north of the border are having a Happy Whatnot! peace
  11. All Hail Emperor Bouche!! Seriously, I'm not up to date. Havn't been around for a bit. I was wondering though. Are Booche and Daveyboy still an item. (he-he-he). peace
  12. Can I be some kind of crazy ambassador from a far-away land? Please?
  13. Even though the Senate vote was close and many people in the states (around my hood anyway) see the hypocracy of giving billions of $$$ to the big oil companies, the sales pitch was made under the guise of being 'free from reliance on foreign oil' Phuck alternatives people! There's money to be made!
  14. William Rivers Pitt is the dude who runs this site. Read his non-commentary on the White House indictments. www.truthout.org (scroll down a little on the right) I laughed out loud. peace
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