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  1. I'm going to go with a yes - if all else fails break a pool cue up in to three and have at it! :-)
  2. Hope to see some kind folks out on Friday night. Last time was a real good time! Bring out your dancing shoes and some friends and let's kick off this weekend right!
  3. Dude if that was you there tonight - it was a real pleasure meeting you....and a real pleasure hearing you play! You sing and play amazing! I was within moments of getting up to dance! Wicked! If it wasn't you - then dude you should come out 'cause the guy I saw tonight was great!
  4. I'm planning heading out to that open stage again. It would be awesome to hear some other dead players out too. Peace
  5. Just throwin' it out there - I've been hitting a local open stage and playing some grateful dead inspired covers. Nothing special - just thought if any heads were in the area they might enjoy hangin' out. Thurs. 8pm @ Local Hero's in Stittsville. I usually get up pretty early do my thing (4-5 tunes) - I am usually out of there by 10:30 or so. peace, jkstraw http://www.youtube.com/jkstraw
  6. Thanks guys for the pointers. I'll defiantly be following up on both places. So hard to find a place with a vibe that lets these tunes shine. I've been playin' Hunter's "Book of Daniel" a lot lately (I call it my vocal whore tune) - wicked tune - but damn I bet you'd be hearing crickets and cicadas sing if I ever tried to pull that off! haha
  7. Well bro - I am out in Stittsville so if you are anywhere close by - fire up the pit and let me know when and where :-P
  8. Thanks man - just picked up the fishman aura spectrum di this week....takes it to a whole new level!!
  9. Anyone in the Ottawa area know of a place that would be receptive to some solo acoustic/electric covers of the Dead/JGB repertoire? Would love to get out there and play some gigs but most places seem to be a real drag energy-wise. Thanks for any thoughts.....here's my stuff for some context: http://www.youtube.com/jkstraw peace
  10. #12 Travis Bean was Jerry's first axe with OBEL and first live Terrapin (and Estimate Prophet). Originally asking $750K - crazy I agree.
  11. So sad I missed this! Just doing a random search while thinking back to TMNS days and stumbled upon this thread! Damn! Great to hear people are still pickin' and grinnin' in the Ottawa area. Hope it happens again soon! jkstraw http://www.youtube.com/jkstraw
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