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  1. Isn't that a bit harsh AD? I mean, again I haven't heard Cardiff but from what I know about him I doubt he's trying to rip off Keller, he's just doing his own thing which happens to involve loops. Can't more than one guy use loops? (Unless I'm wrong and you totally thought he was trying to rip off Keller, in which I case I'd probably agree.) - M.
  2. Low Roller, this is in no way meant to belittle your choice, 'cus I agree Nick Drake is great... something just struck me a little bizzare seeing a 'new band' list with a guy who died in 1974. But I do know what you mean. I'm with you on Franz, and with anyone who mentioned Golden Dogs & Modest Mouse. I'm personally digging two somewhat guilty pleasures a lot lately, The Killers and The Darkness. Gawd I love over-the-top music! Also a plug for someone who's not new, but I bought the 3 EPs that Ben Folds released in 2003-2004, and they're really cool! Nothing much new to his sound, but I'd say this stuff is at least as good as "Rockin' The Suburbs" so if you dig Ben solo or BFF, I'd recommend ordering these off his site. Peace, Mr. M.
  3. I have to be honest, I've never actually seen Criag perform, but I know a bunch of people who play his songs and speak highly of him so I was really going by that myself. - M.
  4. Hey all! A quick plug for "Dr. B's Acoustic Open Stage", hosted by Winterfolk organizer Brian Gladstone. I've gone a bunch of times and it's always a blast. (Plus the Renaissance has some excellent beers on tap! ) This week our band Uncle Seth is the feature act, but it is a weekly event. Here's the details: More info can be found at http://backtothedirt.com/2004%20Dates.htm Peace, Mr. M.
  5. Yo! I'm down with most of Jaydawg's picks, particularly Golden Dogs and Craig Cardiff. Personally I'd add these: THURSDAY The Rex Hotel 6:30pm - Kevin Quain FRIDAY The Drake Hotel 10:00 - Crash Continental SATURDAY Cameron House 12:00 - Russell Leon Band Reverb 12:00 - The Junction Peace, Mr. M.
  6. Hey have a super-happy one dude! Peace, Mr. M.
  7. Personally I'd much rather hear Phil in anything Genesis related rather than his ever increasing dreck-y solo crap. Sadly I don't think it would ever happen on a full-time basis, here's an old article from http://music.yahoo.com/read/news/12038455 Peace, Mr. M.
  8. Lost in their eyes as you hurry by Counting the broken ties they decide Love comes to you and then after Dream on, on to the heart of the sunrise Lost on a wave that you're dreaming Dream on, on to the heart of the sunrise Sharp Distance How can the wind with its arms all around me? Sharp Distance How can the wind with so many around me? I feel lost in the city...
  9. Ah indeed, how sweet it is! Thanks for the tip. - M.
  10. Interestingly, I saw Barenaked Ladies probably 20+ times before they were signed. Jim & Andy went to my high school so I’d see them a bunch through that connection, also they used to play regularly with my buddy's brother's band - I actually ran the lights for an encore they played at the Rivoli one night. And they were ubiquitous at Ryerson frosh events and other such places in the early 90s. I've only seen them a few times since, but it adds up to maybe 25 times altogether. Other than bands I've actually been in, I probably haven't seen anyone play more than my friend the late Matt Osborne. Probably saw Matt a hundred times… only wish it had been more... There's lots of friends that I've seen play in clubs many times. For ticketed concerts, it'd have to be Rush at about 20 times. Blues Traveler and possibly Dave Matthews would likely be tied for second, around 15 times each. Actually Gowan would be right up there (!) but that would have to include a lot of those old Ontario Place Forum & Nathan Philips shows that were technically free. Peace, Mr. M.
  11. Figures I didn't see this 'til now, well I was working anyhow. So StoneMtn or anyone else who watched, how was it? Peace, Mr. M.
  12. RIP Hunter, you were one of a kind. Peace, - Mr. M.
  13. FYI, just checked the website and called Hugh's and the show tonight is totally SOLD OUT! Crap... - M.
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