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  1. Damn missed it! Hope you had a great one Ms. Hux! - M.
  2. I like this one for TABs: http://www.olga.net/ - M.
  3. Mr. Musicface


    For those who didn't see it in the other thread, here's the weather report from last night: - M.
  4. Oh come on MarcO, we're talking about a big pot of soup here, not a piece of chicken. If you put it directly in the fridge it'll thaw everything. If you've been boiling something for a few hours it needs some time to cool - okay, hours might be an exageration but I would leave (and have left) a pot of soup out for an hour or more with the lid on to cool, it's really not that big a deal. - M.
  5. http://www.jaymoonah.com/weather/
  6. Morimoto-san! Seriously, I love Iron Chef although more for the spectacle than as a cooking show to learn from. Same with Tony Bourdain's show, which isn't really a cooking show as much as it is about travel and weirdness. Kitchen Confidential is brilliant thou, I'd highly recommend reading it for anyone who hasn't. And I agree with bradm, Kevin Brauch is a bastard 'cus he has my dream job! He's good at it thou so I can't hate him too much. I do like Alton Brown a lot, although some of his tips are a bit too hardcore, like when he recommended cooling your soup by putting two bottles of frozen water in so it cools before bacteria can form (don't forget to sterilize the bottles first, of course!) Come on dude, let it cool on the counter for a few hours and then stick it in the fridge like the rest of the damn universe, it's not gonna kill you Alton! Nigella Lawson does win the hot award in my book as well, although I find it funny the way the shoot her show so you can't really tell that she is a bit plump. Christine Cushing is second but I agree with MarcO that she can be a bit annoying at times. I like Rachel Ray's $40 a Day show 'cus I like that type of show but her little giggle drives me nuts! I also enjoy the shows like "Unwrapped" and "Top Five" for the Cliff Claven factor: "it's a little known fact that the Kennedy's popularized French cuisine in the United States." Hmmm, seems I have a pretty hard time picking a fave, but I certainly do enjoy my Food Network - long live second tier cable! Peace, Mr. M.
  7. "Yeah, they had energy, but it was unchanneled and unfocused — it was like watching a frat party hosted by drunken, feces-throwing monkeys." Hey, I think I was at that party. Anyway it looks like there won't be too many more VH shows in near future anyway: http://www.cbc.ca/story/arts/national/2004/10/27/Arts/vanhalen041027.html - M.
  8. Mr. Musicface

    Au Revoir!

    Have an amazing time LR! - M.
  9. Oh okay, I sort of remember that guy now. Didn't realize he was Hayden, thanks Dave. You can learn something everyday if you're not careful. - M.
  10. Hey M, just a clarification - your posted dates and the Rheos site both say 11th to 20th (rather than 9th). Did you have a different source that said the 9th or was that a typo? Either way, great stuff! I'll certainly be there for at least one show, hopefully more! Thanks for the info. Peace, Mr. M. (no relation)
  11. He was?!? How did I not know that? (For those just tuning in, Jaimoe and I were in school together at Rye.) - M.
  12. I think upright bassist Todd Sickafoose is still playing with her, that's it. It was just the two of them at Bonnaroo this summer. If you've never seen Ani live I'd recommend her VERY highly in any format. I've seen her with her trio, her bigger band with the horn section, solo acoustic and with Sickafoose, all amazing shows! - M.
  13. Yo! Just noticed the always amazing Ani D is playing Ottawa and Kingston in November (no Toronto show, grrr) as well as Rochester in December. http://www.righteousbabe.com/tour/index.asp May have to make the trip for a couple of these shows. Peace, Mr. M.
  14. That's so funny Ms. H, I was just thinking about them as well. Yeh, I'd be interested too! - M.
  15. That was EXACTLY Stewart's point on Crossfire. There are intelligent people on both sides with good opinions, but everything is reduced to partisanism and name-calling. That's what he meant by the fact that those kind of shows are "hurting America". - M.
  16. One thing that did freak me out a bit last night was Ed Koch saying he was supporting Bush even though "I don't agree with him on a single domestic policy issue that I'm aware of" because the war on terror trumps all. And Koch is still a pretty smart guy IMHO (other than that.) - M.
  17. Hey guys remember you can vote once per show "voting window" i.e. once a new show starts on Monday or Wednesday, a new window opens. http://www.cbc.ca/greatest/vote/en/signin.jsp Anybody see last night where Tommy Douglas put the smackdown on Trudeau in the (I think 1968) debate? Interesting stuff! - M.
  18. Jon Stewart on the Daily Show last night: "How was your weekend? Hmmm, I had a pretty good Friday... got a haircut... called a guy a dick on national television..." He is my hero. - M.
  19. Wow, Stephen Lewis! What an amazing speaker, that'll be a treat (as will Chris and Kate!) Enjoy the fruits of your labour zero, congrats! Peace, - M.
  20. Although my nomination was for Terry Fox, I think Banting, Douglas, Trudeau all certainly deserve consideration. Dr. Banting and his team alleviated the suffering of millions the world over with the discovery of insulin - remember that a disease we think of today as largely a nuisance for most people who have it was a life-threatening disease for many. Terry Fox was as likely to have lost his leg to diabetes as cancer a generation or two earlier. Tommy Douglas spearheaded arguably the single most distinctive aspect of living in Canada (at least as opposed to living in the US) in universal Medicare. And Trudeau, whatever you think of his politics, was arguably our first and perhaps only truly recognizable "world" leader (many folks around the world STILL think he's the PM!) and brought home the Constitution. I love Terry Fox, he was my hero as a kid and still is and I will probably still vote for him, but those three I think did more in the long run to change the world as we know it, at least in this country. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how things play out with this. - M.
  21. Hah, could be good. Here's the IMDB entry FYI: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0383216/ Thanks ahess, - M.
  22. Hey this is a fun one Ms. H, I love looking at look posts and pages. http://www.archive.org/ has always been one of my faves! I've always believed in consistency, and I'm proud to say nearly 2400 posts later, I still think Chicago's 80s remake of their own classic "25 Or 6 To 4" is a travesty. Still looking for a good amusing thread... - M.
  23. Wooo! Have a big happy one there Dave! - M.
  24. The Top 10 list is now posted: http://www.cbc.ca/greatest/ I'm told the top 50 will be up soon. - M.
  25. By the time you get north of Wilson the Allen isn't much different from any other north-south artery in the city. And even the real freeway part is much lower impact on the neighbourhoods it runs through than it could be - see that monstrosity known as the Gardener if you need proof.
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