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  1. I'm a narc too. I'll be collecting everybodies drugs this weekend thank you. Only organics however. Please have them ready for the meet & greet.
  2. I'm a narc too. I'll be collecting everybodies drugs this weekend thank you. Please have them ready for the meet & greet.
  3. Hey backbacon, I think your right, he is a narc. Big Sugar, hahahhahahahaha. Woodstock, hahahahhahahah.
  4. quote: if it wasn't for that hit on Domi, the Sens would have taken it huh? I dont think so........... I had a Sens fan at work yesterday complain about that hit on Domi to me. He said that he's sure Domi was faking it and went as far as to probly pick a scap while he was lying on the ice (in pain) so that there would be blood. Dome would never fake it, last night when he was holding the puck on the boards then after the whistle limped hurt back to his bench should prove that. If that was Alfredson he would have been down on the ice crying like a baby hoping to draw a penaly.
  5. Yep, that was Gary Bettman, or whatever, the head of the NHL, what a freakin putz that guy is, go Ron!
  6. The beauty about this win was the results cannot be excused based on penalties. IMO the Sens were out played in every aspect of the game tonight. 1 shot in the second period, huh? Added bonus, winning all 5 of my bets tonight!
  7. Well, their not a band, but the sens are sure breaking up pretty badly.
  8. Never seen you wear a Sens shirt doubleB. If your a true fan, youd probably wear your point #5 shirt tonight. But then again, your probably too scared of an embarrasing loss tonight and dont want to be shamed for the rest of the night. Or when you live right next to the Corel centre (Kanata) but never go?
  9. Harpua

    Tour stories

    Same show as above, some redneck was driving around in a jeep at high speeds, he stopped briefly and a head grabbed his keys and took off into the crowd. THe redneck proceed to scream and cry for a while yelling "the dead sucks, I hate all you deadheads"
  10. Harpua

    Tour stories

    Once at Buffalo's Rich stadium '92, we saw a head get dropped off by a cop cruiser and we asked him what was up. He told us, they were partying with some people in the back of a U-haul when one of the guys just up and died. They had to decide between just leaving or calling the cops. I guess they did the right thing.
  11. Harpua

    Tour stories

    I got a tour story. Once I cooked hot knives on a coleman stove right outside the Boston Gardens in '91 on the sidewalk (cops there dont know about hot knives), then proceeded to cook a stir fry, then do 25 hits of acid and had a great show. Oh ya, also there was a pair of twins selling nitrous out of the convertable top of their beamer and I bough a "Fat Man Rocks" shirt. My all time favourite tour shirt, I still have it , but its un-wearable.
  12. Yikes, shitty game tonight. Hey, I was thinking that all the leafs and sens fans in Ottawa should all get together and watch the game. Who'se in. I'll suggest the normal default place : Indika's
  13. Ouch. The tulip cam is showing a big 0 people there so far? Yikes.
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