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Messy at the Mercury


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OK I know...

Most of you have real jobs and school and real life shit to deal with on a daily basis. I can't expect to see you all out every night, and I understand that choices have to be made (this week in paticular).... last night you all choose to miss PAN CON QUESO at the Mercury..... mistake..... big mistake!

I walked in the door and was greeted by a giddy club owner..... Apparently the sound check took over an hour and left all the staff drooling for more.... I was told 20 times before the show started that I was about to get my ass kicked. Sometimes to much hype can lead to a let down... not tonight!

I am struggling to articulate the sound..... I think it would be best described as Buena Vista Social Club meets The New Deal..... By the end of the second song, a very packed Mercury was hoppin.... The DJ drove this band hard... the compliment of bongos, Rhodes, guitar and trumpet made for an eclectic Jazz experience... It was truly a sound like I had never heard before and I want to hear it again because I know I missed stuff.

It was a very young like minded crowd in the room. The fungus and herb flowed freely on this Wednesday. Allot of very friendly, very cool people ensured my Wednesday was messier than my Tuesday... messy messy messy.... so much fun! ....I hope to see allot of those faces tonight at the Cafe....

The best news of the night is that this show was tapped. In fact I learned that the entire Mercury Jazz series has been tapped from the beginning (not King Cordova). This means that I hope to be making available to all of you downloads of last nights experience. In fact, The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble will also make a nice addition to anyone's collection as will most Wednesday's to come. Details soon I hope.

Downtime tonight! HAHAHAHA Can't wait!

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Guest Low Roller

Great. Now I regret not going.

Way to have me question my judgement to try and get SOME sleep this week. Thanks a lot DB!

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble recording. To hear that kalimba twanking away again would be great.

I can't wait for Downtime tonight. Sleep deprivation rules.

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