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More April shows.


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Nugget Productions presents

Blue Quarter

Wednesday April 3, 2002

The Bayou


BLUE QUARTER Electro Lounge Music


The Vision: To elevate the human mind & soul in a tangible sonic vibe! Blue Quarter is a cohesive three-piece musical entity continuously exploring the grounds of techno-jazz and drum & bass. Blending a variety of inputs such as funk, classical, house, rock and hip-hop, Blue Quarter's original output delivers an organic "Electro Lounge" groove. This unique style of music is capable of transporting listeners into the next realm of musical vibes.


Moses Mayes

Wednesday April 10, 2002

Mercury Lounge


Live Music, an element truly embedded in the collective known as Moses Mayes.

By approaching live dance music with a carefully crafted sound, Moses Mayes's unique blend of funk, jazz, house, and Latin rhythms has had clubs packed across Canada. With high energy vibes, combined with tight grooves, Moses Mayes's live show has fused the modern dj's cuts with the excitement and spontaneity of live instrumental music.



Wednesday April 17, 2002

Mercury Lounge


Energy travels in strange, perfect ways - the positive flow can bring out enlightened inspiration when you least expect it...

and LIQUIFIED is all about insipiration - from inside and out - pushing the next level of future soul, garage, and deep drum&bass into the next century, bringing it live like few others have done before! Neither too chilled to be background, or too harsh to be hardcore, what sets LIQUIFIED apart is tough, stepped-up funk meets in your face breaks and undulating bass in the form of true songs, losing no intensity or musicality on the dancefloor...


Nick "Brownman" Ali & CRUZAO

Wednesday May 8, 2002

Mercury Lounge


Winner of the 2001 Montreal Jazz Festival Prix De Jazz Award!

"Since the late 50's jazz musicians have experimented with the tonal qualities of the 'chordless quintet'. In Latin America this approach has not been explored due to the dominance and omni-presence of the piano "montuno" or equivalent guitar structures. is modeled in that jazz tradition of 'the chordless quintet', and takes the same approach in a latin-jazz context. Featuring the Ali Brothers - Nick "The Brownman" and Marcus Ali - and dedicated to the amalgamation of latin rhythm, jazz harmony and funk groove,

. explores the inner workings of these artforms through Brownman's original compositions, intense *improvisation-interaction and raw energy."

(*Has also been refered to more formerly as "That crazy brother shit")

That's this group's press release above. But what does it mean? Nick (The Brownman) and Marcus have become two of the first calls in the city of Toronto when latin bands are in need of horn players... but both are still improvisers with their hearts firmly affixed to the jazz world. This band is their way of amalgamating the intense South American rhythms they have been exposed to while working in the latin musical community (particularly Cuban ones) with their inherent jazz harmonic knowledge as improvisers. The funk comes from the compositions and the arrangements and the way the rhythm section plays them. Brownman is the primary composer for the unit and his sense of funk from his affiliations with Randy Brecker (of the Brecker Brothers) and his extensive time in funk horn sections and recording sessions comes to bear. That combined with the sheer ferocity with which Davide, Luisito and Willy attack the grooves makes for some of the funkiest latin-jazz around. hopes you enjoy their interpretations of Brownman's vision.


Wednesdays are Fun!!!

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