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Hey Meggo, not too much really. Jazzfest is on right now and unlike last year (where we had the Flecktones, Trilok Gurtu (sp?) as two of the headline shows amongst alot of other groovy smaller shows) this year seems to be about the Jazz standard,along the lines of Dave Brubeck (he has played "take five" every show for forty years) Charlie Hayden etc. I'm not a real big fan of straight up jazz, after an hour and a half it all begins to sound the same, walking bass around a bunch of chord inversions, technically proficient players but somewhat lacking in the kind of energy I get off on (the tones and Timbre of the music is allways the same). Can't complain though it's good the city is full of musicians (folkfest starts at the inner harbor this weekend too) and alot of people ready to go off for Canada day. Anyway if you get out to CTMF enjoy, good to meet you, have an awesome long weekend.

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