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Grand Theft Bus Video from Evolve3


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Hey Ya'll the moment that you all have been waiting for has finally arrived. I have finished converting the video of Grand Theft Bus from this years most recent Evolve Music Festival and its now being shared on Direct Connect. If you don't have high speed Internet - just toss me an email and I will also be doing B+P's for as many people who want it.

Here's my addy: mike_stelmach@hotmail.com

And heres the file info:

Grand Theft Bus


Evolve 3 Music Festival

Antigonish, N.S., Canada

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

Location: FOB (Slightly Right of Center 50' back on 10' mic stand)


Audio: Sony ECM-MS908C Stereo Mic > Canon Elura DV Camera (Captured @ 48 kHZ)

Video: Canon Elura DV Camera

Transfer: Canon Elura DV Camera > Firewire > PC > Adobe Premier (v6.0) > .avi

Compression: .avi > TmpgEnc (Compressed to VCD Format) > MPEG1

Taped and Converted by Mike Stelmach (mike_stelmach@hotmail.com)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

Disc I

01. Birth of Confusion 06:12

02. Old Guiseppe -> Street Sleeper 17:51

03. Moontick* 07:38

04. Never Can Tell 04:55

05. Strange Meeting 04:21

06. Tanktop 14:27

Total Disc I 55:24

Disc II

01. Boltneck -> Don't Treat Me Like That 19:57

02. Weight of Circumstance 12:00

Total Disc II 31:57

*First Time Played

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

Notes: Theres a slight cut between Street Sleeper and Moontick because I had to

change the tape, however - there was no music lost, just crowd noise. Similarly

there is a cut during the end of Weight of Circumstance - unfotunately there is

about 1:30 missing.

In the near future - be on the lookout for more Evolve3 releases and some other goodies including: Burt Neilson Band, nero and Jimmy Swift Band from various venues around Southern Ontario!

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