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Morrissey in Vegas on Apr 17th DAMN!

zimmerman pt3

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I've wanted to see Moz for years. Maybe instead of sacrificing my Phish ticket, I'll run over to Anaheim the next night and catch him there. Anyone up for that?

Hey, could you imagine, keeping in Vegas tradition to have whacky special guests, what if Moz made an appearance with Phish the night before?!?! That would be hilarious! What on earth could they play? Or what if Phish played a Smiths/Moz tune in honour of Moz playing down the street? Ooh, I can picture Henrieta crooning to "Everyday is like Sunday", that would be jokes!

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what if the Moz lost 30lbs and stopped being a whiney 45 year old man trying to relive the days when he could actually create a decent album! NOW THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING!!! The last time I saw this washed up rockstar he was so bad I started putting his albums next to the Dexy's Midnight Runners pile!

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