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Passenger...TO-th, Brantf.-Sat, ThreeDee...Kit-fri


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Passenger will be performing at the Goose and Firkin, located at 1875 Leslie

Street in Toronto, Ontario on Thursday April 22nd ...10:00p start and at Brando's, located at 135 Market Street in

Brantford, Ontario on Saturday April 24th ...10:00p start... great original

music...cool cover material... awesome grooves…fun?...Wow!!...hope to see you there!!!

Passenger (a brief description for the uninitiated)

With Rhythm & Blues as its meat and potatoes Passenger's music is generously

spiced with funk, soul, folk, reggae and jazz musics. One might say that

artists like the Allman Brothers, John Scofield, the Neville Brothers,

Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, Herbie Hancock, Grateful Dead, Medeski,

Martin and Wood, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Bob Marley, Stevie

Wonder, Van Morrison, Bill Withers have all had an influence on this music.

Passenger's live show consists of Jim Slansky (guitar and vox),

Sam Cino (drums and vox) and Jason Raso on (bass guitar)

Also…ThreeDee will be doing their first full-length performance on Friday April

23rd with Guests "Cavern" at the Circus Room in Kitchener Ontario located at

729 King St E. (519) 743-0368...Totally improvised eclectic groove

music...here's more about ThreeDee...

Out of the ashes and rubble of former bands/recording projects etc. and from

the ever-present urge to communicate funkified and freely, "ThreeDee" is

born. The commingling of Funk, R&B, Jazz, Rock and other related roots

languages produces a new dialect peculiar to "us cats" that we have seen fit

to describe as "ThreeDee". "ThreeDee" is three musicians allowing their

musical minds to meld in a Vulcan dance of tribal rhythms that not only

provokes some intense dancing but can also induce (not in any particular

order); speaking in tongues, unconscious drooling, jaw dropping, a general

looseness of behavior, and, as well, at certain times, a bulging of the

eyeballs may occur. So be prepared. Read the label carefully. Dixie cups

and disposable trusses will be made available on site.

Guitarist Jim Slansky (Passenger, Chipotle, Toastmaster General et al) and

bassist Jason Raso (Passenger, Life on Planet Bop, Supersonic Music Man et

al) have joined forces with drummer John Cusinato (DoeLine, Passenger et al)

to form the brand new thang that is "ThreeDee".

"ThreeDee" is both a band and a concept. These pieces of music aren't

necessarily being introduced as songs as much as they are visceral themes,

pieces to the puzzle, experiences reduced to their essence, tinctures of

liquid music, created/recalled on the spot, impromptu, and patiently allowed

to expand and contract via the harmonious energy generated through the

musical co-operative that is...ThreeDee. These musicians, functioning

beyond there own control, at the whim of the frothing winds of change, are

taken aloft, down and around on the rollercoaster of life as they speak to

each other and us of topographic tales of a telling tone within the

spiraling weather system that is our world. In the realm of time defined by

the speed/movement of light, unconsciously conscious in the Garden of

Earthly delights, driven by their collectivity in the spirit of true

collaboration, ThreeDee cultivates these themes and allow them to morph

anew, taking them to places where they have never been, going boldly where

no themes have gone before!

It is not for us to say what will happen... but SOMETHING is gonna happen,

and you're gonna dig it!!

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