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a tale of 3 sarahs


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a tale of [color:"red"] 3 Sarahs

So like... you have to earn a one-name monicker. If you give it to yourself it leaves alot to live up to. It's like giving yourself a nickname. You just don't do that, but don't tell Madonna or Bono. ("Hey Bono, what's it like to live with Cher?".. not sure where I heard that, but damn that's funny.)

I once tried to convince the world that I should be known as simply 'Bill', but inevitably, as I refered to myself in the third person during conversation, I got the same stupified looks and inane question.. "Bill who?" It just didn't have the same affect on people as other monosyllabic titles like Bob, or Neil.

At some point in a great artists career, and in the life of thier dedicated fans, the performer goes from the traditional first/last name status to a higher level of recognition... the first name alone. Elvis. Jerry. (Ringo.)

Such is the case (arguable so if you are one who likes to argue) with one of my personal favorite singer/songwriters.. Sarah McLachlan. It wasn't long after her Surfacing album that she became known to me simply as Sarah. Often, when her name was spoken in the circles I ran in, it was followed by a short pause and then a long sigh. Just Sarah. Sarah. When you spoke of Sarah, there was never ever any doubt about who you were refering to. Who else could it be?

Well, my Sarah-singular world came crashing down around me last year when I got turned onto a new Sarah. Sarah Harmer. The hype got my curiousity peaked, the cd 'You were here' grabbed my full and undivided attention, and finally her performance at Copp's last newyears openning for the Hip sealed the deal. She was my NEW Sarah. Not that the old Sarah was gone, mind you, but now there were TWO Sarahs in my life!

But how could that be? Was this lunacy? It was like some Lovecraft-ian novellette where the knowledge of such an instance was not to be understood by the minds of mortal men, lest they go mad! MAD I SAY!

Which brings me to Meghan Riley. She was the far away butterfly soon to decimate my coastal area with a Tsunami of epic proportions born of her mere words.

I remember frantically telling her with eyes afire about this insane revellation, of the two Sarahs, of the madness that had taken my mind, and of the shear joy and wonder of this musical effort by the Harmer woman. I pledge my alliegence there and then for a two Sarah mandate, for the musical realm in which I dwelt could no longer be ruled by one single Sarah alone!!!

"Yeah, but have you heard Sarah Sleen yet?" she replied.

There was silence. I looked deep into her eyes and saw that same wildfire that I knew was in mine, only hers burned with the intensity of a thousand suns. I instantly decided Meghan must clearly be under the influence of some mind altering substance. My doors of perception refused to open to the thought of any Sarah other than the two that had already consumed my irrational thought trains at the time. Three Sarahs?!? Was this chick on glue?! Unfathomable! Perposterous! Blasthphemous even!! I dismissed her as babbling naive, best suited as a ward of the state in some maximun security asylum for her own safety, let alone the safety of others.

And then it happened... one fatefull day... many months later... I found it. Hidden beneath the messy livingroom pile of baggies, tatoo mags, empty cigarette packs, and spilt bong water at Kate and Tim's place was the talisman of greater understanding.. the key to enlightenment... the fall of mankind... Sarah Sleen's 'Nightbugs'.

I covetted the cd away unbeknownst to the others there, and took it home for further examination. I marvelled at the intricate lines and contours of the jewel case. I stared in awe at the quality of the screen print and the colours of the liner. Trembling with the fear of the unknown, I openned the case to behold that which was not for earthly eyes. I longed to know that which I was not meant to know... and to hear that which could, and inevitable would, destroy me and any notions of sanity that I still had!

Cd in hand, disk tray open, I trembled alone in the dark of my quiet livingroom. The eerie glowing light of the blue LCD display on the cd player danced devilishly along the liner notes as I slowly and carefully placed the disk in the tray. I hesitated at the thought of what could possible lay ahead should I go any further... but with great resolve, and strength of will, I steadied my quaking hand... Meghan's repeated words echoing in my mind... "have you heard Sarah Sleen"... slowly, with utter fascination and an unholy dread, I pressed 'play'......

So anyway, yeah this cd is pretty cool.

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