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306 King St W @ Queen

Every Tuesday Night

So, starting tonight (going on as we speak actually), Casbah re-emerges with an open stage night, available to everyone and anyone willing to perform.

Solo, duo, with band, spoken word, improv, comedy, rock, you name it you can do it.

Hosted by 'Black Spring', who are specifically:

Jack Pedler (drummist extraordinaire & talented song-writer)

Daniel Wintermans (head|phone|over|tone / Battleship Ethel)

Mike Williams (Trouble Boys amongst other rock-outs)

Martin Verrall (of Martin Verrall!)

These guys make themselves available to back up your songs if need be, but also step off the stage for your own showcasing.

Another idea that was proposed that seems to be taking shape a bit tonight, is that bands who have an upcoming gig wherever can step up on stage and jam out a few tunes to practice for the gig.

It's a pretty neat vibe, much different than what I'm accustomed to at Ye' Olde Underground.

Come on out, if you're game to throw some fun together. No Cover charge, and some nice people.



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