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Anyone from Hamilton Goin to Buffalo?


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Is anyone driving to Buffalo for moe., nero and Galactic today? Just found out my friends can't make it, so my rides a bust. If anyone has room Ill pay gas both ways. I really want to catch this show. If anyone has a seat call me Steve 905 525 6158 [color:"black"]

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HEY I KNOW THIS GUY!! Nobody pick him up, he's crazy. He'll pee in your car, puke on your face, and smoke ALL your weed. Then, he'll slap you in the face, call you a bitch and start the cycle ALL over again......

Sorry we couldn't go Steve, too dead after N/B and the Suds this weekend, we'll make it up to you...I don't know how, but we will.


PS - You missed a ridiculous Brighton party last night...3 punk bands, a wet t-shirt contest, and like 7 fights (They ruined the night, too many people from Trenton)


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