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I'm looking for a band to play with.

Doctor Glue

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High there! My name is Carlos and I live in Sarnia, Ontario. I am currently making regular trips to Toronto on weekends, and I would like to find a band to play (and sing) with.

I primarily play Rythum Guitar and sing. But I can also hold my own as a lead guitarist. I am interested in finding a Toronto based band that I can hook up with and play some weekend and private gigs.

I absolutely love the Grateful Dead and would prefer to find a band that wants to mainly cover them. (But I am also pretty much open to play anything.)

I look very much like a younger (mid 40's) Jerry Garcia. I already know a lot of their songs and can play rythum and sing at the same time.

If anyone reading this was at Queen's Park on Saturday Aug 21st for the (Failed) "Compassionate Use" protest. I played my guitar for a while for the few people that stayed behind after the gathering was cancelled.

To those who were not there, I was featured that night on the 11pm CITY PULSE program playing my guitar in the small crowd. (Maybe you saw me on the news?)

I am very serious about this and I would like to get something started as quickly as is humanly possible. Please respond if you have interest! I will be more than happy to show up and do a short audition for you.

(Time is money! And I don't want to waste any more of yours than I do mine.)

I promise that I will not disappoint you!



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