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Call For Any Bands Looking to Play Ottawa

Pootie Tang

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Hey gang, Comfort Station here from Ottawa is in need of some players who would like to join us for a sweet gig we gots lined up at the Bayou Blues n Jazz Club here in Ottawa on Saturday September 25, 2004. We were originally booked to share the stage with Tala, however as most of you already know they've temporarily (hopefully) called it quits. It also seems the few Ottawa bands we have here are not available for that date...so..for any other bands out there heres an opportunity. Details can be worked out later, but you'll have a place to crash here in Ottawa, you'll get to meet a lot of good people here from the board, you'll get to play a good venue, get paid and probably still be able to party your ass off afterwards with us, what more could you ask for. If anyone is interested, has the slot open, and can come down, then let's make it happen, it for sure will be a fun gig.

E-mail me at: comfortstation@hotmail.com, send me a PM, or just post some suggestions, info, ideas...time is of the esscence!


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