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BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH - Casbah - this Sunday


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New album recorded by Darryl Jenifer of fu©king BAD BRAINS!!!!


Where: Casbah (306 King St W, Hamilton)

When: SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 26 --- 6:30PM-9:00PM

Cost: $5



Bedouin Soundclash has emerged in the past two years as a young group refusing to be classified, while blurring the lines of reggae and rock. Jay Malinowski's soulful wail and rasp rests on Eon Sinclair's deep dubbing bass while Pat Pengelly drives a heavy rhythm, blazing their own path in the musical landscape. The three-piece group was conceived three years ago at university. "At the time we were making music that reflected the music we grew up on, and that we were exposed to …punk, reggae, dancehall, world, dub, jungle, two-step, everything… We wanted to try to make something that was ours and was our experience, and that has continued to push us, to incorporate the music we love in a new way."

The band toured from Vancouver to Montreal in support of Root Fire, while still remaining in university. In the meantime the group shared the stage with such acts as the Slackers, Vernon 'Maytone' Buckley, and the legendary founders of ska, The Skatalites.

Presently, the band is set to release their follow-up album 'Sounding A Mosaic' on Stomp Records. The record was recorded in Montreal with founder of the New York Hardcore scene Darryl Jenifer of Bad Brains.

The album is set to be released on April 27, 2004 on Stomp Records. Visit www.unionlabelgroup.com.

PS: this show precedes the psychedelic rock-out with THE HIGH DIALS & THE TELEPATHIC BUTTERFLIES (show time for this 9:30PM)

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