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Halifaxs great music scene


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Hi Everyone,

Vanderpark is a Toronto based band looking to play some shows in Halifax February 18-21 of 2005. If anybody wants us to open up for you or can hook us up with a show that would be much appreciated.

We can get you to play with us in Toronto as an exchange if you'd like.

If you can help out, please send an e mail to leah@vanderpark.com

to hear some tracks, go to www.vanderpark.com live and studio tracks are available.



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Alright Halifax pay attention here! These boys are the real deal!

They've been slaving away in the Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal trifecta for a while now and it's time to spread the Vanderpark Lovin' out East!

Solid soulful songwriting and tight-assed musicianship with deep pocketloving grooves, you want them in your neighborhood... dig?

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