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Indian Jazz meets Chamber Jazz this Thursday in Hamilton


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PJC presents



with special guests



This Thursday, April 27th

8pm. Advance Tickets $8. $10 at the door.

"Runcible Spoon are a quartet of classically trained musicians

performing on piano, cello and clarinet, whose repertoire runs from

early 'twenties popular tunes to Thelonius Monk; they are quite

original and delightful in their low-key chamber-jazz approach. Leah

State's voice has an amazing purity and naturalness, and her unadorned

uncluttered vocal delivery goes straight to the heart of the tune and

to the heart o the listener. Watch this name." - Coda Magazine


TASA's music is based on the ancient Raga and Tala system from India

and diverges into several other genres of world music including

Brazilian, Arabic, and Jazz. Their songs are filled with intricate

rhythms and beautiful Indian melodies. Each composition provides a

distinctive environment for extended improvisation. Tasa is led by

tabla player/composer Ravi Naimpally, and features inventive guitarist

John Gzowski, soulful bansuri and saxophone player Ernie Tollar, the

eclectic drumming of Alan Hetherington, and funky former Look People

bassist Chris Gartner. Together they represent some of the best

players of world music in Canada today.



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