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Sunshine mirror to light Italian village


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Good for them.

A village in the shadow of the Italian Alps that sees no sun for three months of the year is installing a giant mirror on a mountainside to reflect sunshine into the town square.

A tailor-made sheet of steel will be positioned this week on a nearby peak at a height of 1,100 metres to direct sunlight down to the tiny hamlet of Viganella, in the narrow Antrona valley, north of Turin.

Viganella, with a population of only 197, suffers from a complete lack of direct sun from Nov. 11 to Feb. 2.

Mayor Pierfranco Midali presented the project for approval in January of this year to help lift his community out of darkness during those 83 days a year.

Computer controlled monitors will enable the eight-by-six-metre sheet of metal to follow the path of the sun and reflect its rays down to a 250-square-metre area in the village square for at least six hours a day.

The project cost of $151,000 has been covered by the local governments and a private bank.

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I wish I had one that could have been redirecting sunlight into my face during these last three months. Does anyone even remember what the sun looks like?

(It was beautiful out yesterday I guess. Perfect for chopping a tree down. Done worry SSJ; I'm going to cover it in a blanket when you're here.)

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