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Stream Ripping programs. Need Help

The Chameleon

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HI all,

So I've been trying on and off for quite a while to find a program that will allow me to capture/rip streaming audio from the net to my computer.

I have tried many (including stream ripper) and they only seem set up to rip from internet radio. I am interested in ripping live shows from sugarmegs.org, wolfgang's vault and others.

I have tried configuring these programs too, and my sound card (SB live) is set to record wave, so what am I doing wrong? Or is there a program that will literally record what comes out of my speakers.

Having a hard time with this.....

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I know this doesn't answer your question but this is from the Vault's website:

Yes, downloads are coming! We still have a few details to work out, but plan to begin offering music downloads in the next three to four months. Stay tuned for updates and announcements. Registered Concert Vault listeners will be the first to know.

I think Cully told me it was going to happen in January.

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