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January 2, 2007: Earth*tones Benefit for the PEN

SteveThe Owl

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Found this in my emailbox this evening... anybody in Ottawa busy on 2 January?


groupe de danse et percussions

Hi everyone,

Here's some info about a jam on January 2, 2007.

It's a celebration for the New Year, and a benefit for the Peace & Environment News.

Acoustic musical instruments are welcome --

bring a djembe or ukulele, a flute or a lute,

a guitar or sitar. Bring a viola or a violin,

a lyra or a mandolin!

Start the New Year on a good note, with some

music and dancing. Hope to see you there.

* When: Tuesday, January 2, 7 - 9:30 pm

* Where: Jack Purcell Community Centre, in the gym. 320 Jack Purcell Lane, Ottawa

* Benefit for: Peace & Environment News

* $5, all ages

Bring your instruments and join the jam.

For more information, contact: helios@ncf.ca .

Best wishes for the holidays, Mike

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