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Casbah's 4-20 :: THE WOODEN STARS!!!


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Cincinnati Records Proudly Presents

Friday April 20


New Record on Sonic Unyon



with guests

LEONARD GOLD "IndieRock/Classical/Avant"


BRUCE PENINSULA "Folk/Experimental/Soul"



306 King St W, Hamilton


Casbah site


"Everything changes except the avant-garde." Paul Valéry

ANDREW, JOSH, MIKE and JULIEN, they are the Wooden Stars...

Formed in Ottawa in 1993, the Wooden Stars are Michael Feuerstack, Andrew McCormack, Josh Latour, Julien Beillard and Mathieu Beillard. They have released four albums of their own, and received a Juno award in 2000 for their collaboration with singer Julie Doiron. Mike has also made a number of widely acclaimed solo albums under the name "Snailhouse". Extensive touring revealed to the band that their music will probably never have a very wide audience - and that, moreover, the audience it will attract will be almost entirely male. During a four year hiatus the band members have largely overcome their resentment towards an unfair world, and are now enjoying the fruits of diminished expectations. Since reforming in fall 2004, the Wooden Stars have played only a few shows: long time friend and engineer Dave Draves’ birthday party in Ottawa, and a well attended gig on a brutally cold evening at the Horseshoe in Toronto.

The Wooden Stars’ music is a surprisingly natural fusion of unlikely influences, from XTC and the Clash to Georges Brassens and James Blood Ulmer. Setting strong, plaintive melodies against hints of the jarring dissonance and abstraction into which the songs occasionally collapse, the band has gradually attracted a small but loyal fan base that includes some of Canada’s finest musicians: the Rheostatics, Change of Heart, Kepler, the Arcade Fire, Julie Doiron, Mike O’Neill, Papaduc Aboubakhar and Hawksley Workman. Perhaps just as significantly, the Wooden Stars are not much esteemed by the Headstones, Nickelback, or the Kingston resident who asked the eternal question: "What the fuck is this? The Irish pub or the Chinese junk?" (Interestingly, Andrew McCormack is 1/4 Chinese! His Chinese name is "‘Darwin’ Fang Xiang".) The Wooden Stars are currently at work on a soon to be released full-length album.

Tickets on sale now, ($10) available on-line at http://www.tixit.ca, or locally in Hamilton at Dr.Disc, Sonic Unyon and Casbah Lounge.

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