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Sharing Music with imeem


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Post pretty much like this (from the YouTube forum) just replace with the imeem info:


Also, post the EMBEDDED video link by doing the following:

1. find your YouTube video that you'd like to share

2. in the "about this video" box of the YouTube video page, find the "embed video" text field and copy the HTML markup from there (highlight and hit ctrl-C).

3. create a new topic in this forum and title it appropriately.

4. in the Body field of your post hit ctrl-V to paste (or use your right-click context-sensitive menu or the edit menu).

5. select Use HTML from the Options drop-down list directly below the Subject field.

6. hit SUBMIT.

note: If you forgot to select Use HTML and hit submit, you'll just see a bunch of HTML markup. Just hit EDIT and select the Use HTML from the Dropdown and resubmit.

If you want to put a bit of text in your post, you'll also need to use basic HTML.

Start with:

my text describing what I like about this video

a descriptive title for this video

----then paste the text from YouTube's Embed Video field here----

Here's more info from YouTube.com

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