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How to know you're a Head


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I don't know if this one has already been posted here or not but it just showed up again on Sugarmegs and I thought I'd share it here.



*You know you're a head when:*

You think a ten min song is short

Someone in your car asks…. "Is this the same song"?

You write out your daily plans and it look like this : Shower>Brush Teeth>Shower Breakfast, Work/school>Lunch>Work/school>Dr. Appt> Dinner

You think 7 tracks on a CD is long

You go to a regular concert and mistake the ending for a set break

You're amazed other peoples CD'd have liner notes and cover art

No matter what time, day or night, no matter if you were there 10 mins ago, If you walk near your computer you either rip to the HD, decompress, or

burn a disk

You don't recognize any of the Billboard charts

You're at a show your shoes start talking

When you friends ask why you have 300 Phish shows and you say "man the played over 1100 shows, I don't even have half of them"

Your non-jam band friends all groan anytime you put a CD in

You say "you might dig the new deal" and your friends say " I don't like that hippie Grateful Dead type stuff you listen to"

You can sit in front of your stereo for hours the way one sit in front of a T.V. for hours

The people at the post office scramble to go on break when they see you coming in

You consider a concert 2 ½ hours away to be a local show.

You describe something as "good or bad" as "dank or shwag"

You're surprised your friends that own CD burners have never heard of .shn, FLAC or .eac

You think it's pathetic someone downloads a bunch of MP3's and then burns them on Pny disks

Going to two concerts in one month causes withdrawal

You own 600 CD's of one band and none of them are official releases.

Your entire closet is filled with concert t-shirts and tie-dyes

You have flown to see your favorite band

Your pets named after a song by your favorite band

You have a vanity license plat with a reference that only another fan would understand

Getting only 3 hours of sleep after driving home from a show before you have to work is not a good enough reason to miss a show

Your choice is study for finals or hit the last leg of fall tour

You know what this means:

Neuman km140 (split 25', clamped to loge railing) Apogee Mini-Me (5+db,16bit,44.1kHz)> DigigramVX Pocket V2> Sony Vaio Picturebook C1MW>

n-track Studio>CDWav>SHN

You will let someone you met on the internet crash at your house after the show and think nothing of it

You have read all the way down to here

The only reason you have cable is because you can't get a cable modem

without it

You spend more time on a message board, TTD, Dime or etree then talking with your with your real friends

You tell your friends to name a date and from that date you can name 2 or more set list in their entirety of your favorite band

You know what a ganja-gooball is

You can't remember the last time you listened to the radio

You have a shoebox full of ticket stubs

You start dancing in your chair in the middle of class/meeting

You don't think of 69 as a sexual position but rather a good year for the Dead

You wonder how uncanny it is that you glance at the clock at exactly 420 every other day

You buy overpriced food from a dirty stranger on a parking lot

Your beer is darker then any of 98% of your friends

You look for a song title in every shirt you see

Someone starts the a sentence with the word veggie and actually listen

EmpTV is skipped on your TV

Kids get soap in their mouth for saying MP3

You could go for a month straight without sleeping and not hear the some show twice

Your more excited by a 35 min Dark Star then your own birthday

Someone says anything and you can reference it to a Dead or Phish song

You know what 6up means

You have helped out a brother by yelling 6up

You know how to look out for the middle aged white guys with a clean hair cut wearing a brand new tie-dye saying " I'm an old Deadhead, know where I can get any dope"?

You listing to a show and could have sworn you heard that jam from someone else

Your favorite songs are always changing because your decision is based on weather or not they jammed it out or not

You have 1200+ hours of live music

You're driving in your car listen to a CD you just got in the mail with no idea of the set list and you pretend you are at the show and start yelling "WhooHoo a cites"—Hey I got a cities

You won't listen to a band the does not allow taping

You have tan lines from your Birkenstocks

You think people are crazy when they don't know who UM,GD,KDTU,SCI,WP,YMSB are

You have dreadlocks yet you laugh at people with mullets

You do your cloths shopping in the parking lot at Deer Creek

You call it Deer Creek not that other name

You won't wear deodorant yet you wear patchouli

You give people shit for buying a CD for 14.99 when you can get 50 for the same price

Dream about being on tour

April 20th, October 31st, and December 31st are the biggest holidays of the year

You take more time organizing you shows then you house

You take more care organizing you shows then your laundry

You laugh at people who don't know what Pro-Sleeves are

When people ask you for a bootleg and you hang your head in despair

You grade the phiendliness of a city by the attitude of the local cops

You spell anything with an F with a PH

When you see a L@@K RARE SHOW on e-bay and think of how you would like to kill the seller and other sellers like him!

Are you a head???

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