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Planet Luxury, Motocross and Wrestling

Greg Hemmings

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Hey friends in the Sanctuary! 3 things I want to spread

1) Our TV show Planet Luxury will air this Saturday and Next on CTV at 12:00...this Saturdays episode is one of my favorites...its the Pen and the Martin Guitar...I got to play both these guitars when filming, the D-100, AND the Million dollar guitar...Sweet Melodies! Youc an read about it on my blog at www.greghemmings.com

2) Please vote for our Motocross Video if you havent yet, it was nominated for an Extremey award (thast the real honor) but now its a contest of who has more friends, please go to www.greghemmings.com and click on the Extremey link

3) I have a new TV series coming up for the Fight Network, all about professional independent wrestlers! ha ha, more to come!

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