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Chameleon Project music review

The Chameleon

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Remember that classic porn music of the 70's? That good old "bow - chika - wow - wow - chika - chika - bow - wow" has long held a place in my heart as being both hilariously out of place, yet simultaneously gnarly. Theirspace has seen precious few funk acts in its entries, and it's high time that changed. This Saturday, The Chameleon Project will be supporting KJ Sawka at El Mocambo, for the low price of 10 dollah.

Decapitate me if you must, but while I don't know wtf KJ is/are, The Chameleon Project will be worth the price of admission alone.


Mixing a little Rhinocerose with some live improvisation, it's somewhat difficult to describe the tracks TCP has on offer at their Myspace page.

Speaking of which, here's the link to their Myspace.

Still, I gotta try. There's no verse-chorus-verse-whiny bridge-chorus to their tracks. No vocals, though there's the occasional voice sample. Transcribing the lead guitar would take awhile. Gah! Check out the track descriptions, have a listen, and get this: 3 out of the 4 tracks on the page are available for downloading! Snatch'em up!

Heaven in the After... starts us off with an extended hi-hat and t-wah guitar intro. Once the track kicks in we're treated to some slow funk with an emphasis on that darn hi-hat. There's a few basic changes in the bass and drum lines that serve to switch things up nicely while keeping the track within itself.

Pullin' Teeth leads off with a simple yet commanding bass line. There's a lot of dreamy processing (RE: reverb) on the guitars. Not too much "sex" in the bass, which I generally associate with funk sounding like this. Overall, zee bass stands out a lot more in this track. Steady kick and snare will keep your head bobbin'.

Eris is 100% classic porno music. I can see John Holmes working his magic on the nurse throughout the track. Nearing the end of the track, we get a monologue about dream worlds, with some a guitar-ish sound being run through some twitchy fx.

Luxury Fever sounds like it'd make awesome background music for the Sam and Max detective video games that have recently begun seeing episodic releases. It's quirky, yet a little dark and noir-ish. Luxury Fever takes The Chameleon Project out of the immediate realm of funk and lands the group in the jazz and break-ish slash jungle-ish waters, proving that while able to hold onto "their" sound, they can still mix it up into another kind of awesome.

Reportedly, TCP tries to make things as seamless as possible, with minimal interruptions between songs, as well as mixing their live performances into and out of surrounding DJ sets. A non-stop funk-out awaits you on Saturday. Get low and dirty.

The Chameleon Project, in support of KJ Sawka, with kNeptune

@ El Mocambo, Saturday March 24

464 Spadina Ave

(416) 777 1777

Price: $10

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