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Brazilians failed Beatles quiz, denied entry to UK

8/22/2003 9:22 AM

By: Associated Press

LONDON -- Who is Yoko Ono?

For six Brazilians failure to answer that question posed by British immigration officials proved costly. They were denied entry by officials at Heathrow Airport when they failed a Beatles trivia quiz.

They had claimed to be on their way to a Beatles festival in the Fab-Four's hometown of Liverpool.

The would-be visitors were also stumped by the statement that Ringo Starr was dead. He is not. The six were among a group of 72 people on an organized tour from Rio de Janeiro. The rest of the party was allowed through to the festival.

A spokesman for the group said the immigration treatment was "ridiculous and very upsetting."

"They played songs and asked us to name them. They actually made people sing Beatles songs," said one woman. She said some young people just wanted to go along for the travel experience.

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