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STARS LIKE FLEAS :: members of Beirut/Fiery Furnaces/Tall Firs/Trevor Dunn


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[color:green]Cincinnati Records Proudly Presents


From Brooklyn,NY


@ Casbah Lounge || 8PM || 19+ || $8

306 King St W -- Hamilton ON -- 905-521-4441

Involving members of Trevor Dunn's Jazz Collective/Beirut/Fiery Furnaces/Tall Firs


Stars Like Fleas is a band:

Shannon Fields: too much to get into right now, Montgomery Knott:sings his words, Ryan Smith:piano, synthesizers, laptop, many other things, Ryan Sawyer: drums, percussion, Matt Lavelle: bass clarinet, flugelhorn, trumpet, cuica, Sam Amidon: fiddle, banjo, voice, Jon Natchez: reeds, brass, strings, keys, everything - no, really..., Shelley Burgon: harp, laptop, baritone guitar, dulcimer, Tianna Kennedy: cello; Shayna Dulberger: bass; Laura Ortman: violin, musical saw, guitar;

(also thanks to Trevor Dunn (bass) and Thomas Bartlett (piano, keys), Gerald Menke (pedal steel, dobro resonator, guitars), and Charles Waters for periodic collaboration)

““[Notable Release – 8/10] dreamy and calamitous…loaded with soft vocals, harsh noise, and an utterly unpredictable drift from gorgeously plaintive country-folk balladry to explosive outbursts of distortion and bludgeoning drums…deeply confounding…a journey worth taking†– Under The Radar

“one of the year's most ambitious and daring records…Sometimes, I think The Ken Burns Effect deserves a 10.0. Sometimes, it feels like a 2.0. You might hate it. You might love it. But you need to hear it†– Pitchfork

“Stars Like Fleas is the best band in New York…one of those rarest of albums that completely defies any comparison... They take more risks than is probably advisable, and sometimes their shows flirt with disaster, but more often than not they create something utterly captivating and closer to a religious experience than I'm even comfortable with." –Yer Sweet Chimneys

“This Brooklyn collective of free-radical networkers…display an uncanny ability to splat together Flaming Lips pop, free-jazz blat, bluegrass, laptop noise, Talk Talk's moody Laughing Stock moves, harp runs, and shape-note singing. And that's just in five minutes."–Village Voice




Album Status:

THE KEN BURNS EFFECT was officially released on JUNE 3rd by Hometapes (distributed by Absolutely Kosher/Misra), and you can find it online and in many find independent record stores, but you will find it in most stores by June 17th, the ADA distribution street date.

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