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Drag and Drop your library.

Go into your Music Folder and click on your iTunes Library and drag it over to your EXT HD. When its done copying open up iTunes while holding down the OPTION Key and a dialog box will come up asking you to Choose Library or Create a new one.

Choose the copied library on your EXT and voila you are done. Once you are sure everything is there you can delete the library off your internal.

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What didnt work Corbin?

I have been an exclusive Mac user for 9 years. Have moved my library many times as we have had 5 different machines over that time period and have evolved with iTunes with the version changes along the way.

Now I could have added a caveat that this was assuming that the OP has left the default settings for iTunes to copy content to the library when being added and has made sure to keep a consolidated library.

If you choose to simply use the iTunes database as a pointer to your media strewn about your computer then you are correct my previously posted method would possibly give you troubles.

Again I would be curious what went wrong for you.

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