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Cavaliers and Michelle Titian – Sat Jan 31 – amazing show!


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Saturday January 31

Cavaliers! and Michelle Titian

@ Touche -- 19+ :: $5



If you haven’t seen the Cavaliers! please hit the link above and

give them a listen. They’re absolutely amazing. I can’t stop

listening to them. Michelle Titian is really awesome as well.

This is a pretty serious night of music. Hope to see some of

you out.

The Cavaliers - Indie / Country / Folk Rock

Influenced by artists such as Ryan Adams, Neko Case, Wilco,

Stars and Lucinda Williams, their male-female vocal

combination and country-influenced songs leave listeners

begging for more. These multi-talents, all hailing from

different genres of music, have come together to form

something unique and completely undeniable



Michelle Titian - Country / Folk / Pop

Her style cannot be classified as one single genre; it is a blend

of Country and Soulful Roots music. She uses country music as

a base and layers it with undertones of 60s soul and bluegrass.

With a voice reminiscent of the great pioneers of female vocal

legends such as Patsy Cline, Emmylou Harris, and K.D Lang,

It’s easy to lose yourself in her songs. Her exceptional voice

and incomparable presence can draw you out of your element

and into her world.

Michelle has been surrounded by music her entire life. Born

and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Michelle currently splits her

time between Hamilton and Nashville Tennessee. Her

songwriting is constantly evolving. As her life progresses and

she gains experience, it shows in her songwriting. Michelle's

combination of lyrics, music and stunning performances make

this new artist/singer-songwriter a powerful upcoming force in

the music industry.


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