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New Phish Album: Party Time!


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Party Time! is the rumored title of Phish's fourteenth album, scheduled for release in 2009, although additional rumors have surfaced suggesting that the album might be titled Light (Yellow). Phish collaborated with producer Steve Lillywhite on the album, having worked with Lillywhite previously on 1996's Billy Breathes.

Party Time! comes from Trey Anastasio's playful suggestion that an upcoming Phish album should bear that title during a Rolling Stone interview conducted shortly after Phish's three-night reunion at Hampton Coliseum in March 2009.

On 20 April 2009, images purportedly leaked from Phish's studio sessions contained a possible tracklist for the forthcoming album. There has been no confirmation from the band that the leaked image is authentic or that the image refers directly to a tracklist. Additionally, an alternate tracklist was purportedly circulated to Billboard employees in mid-April, citing a 2 June release date with the album titled Light (Yellow). There has been no comment from the band about the validity of the Billboard memo, either.

The inclusion of these tracks here is merely meant to document their existence; it should be noted that this is a "future album" article, so in no way is this listing being suggested as the final tracklisting for the album.

Per the Mike Gordon hotline (212.330.9092) on May 12, 2009, one of the band's original titles for the album was "The Best Fucking Phish Album Ever!"

The first single, Time Turns Elastic, was released only for iTunes download on May 26, 2009. The album is scheduled for release on July 28th and is as-yet untitled.

Lending further credence to the validity of the "leaked" image list, Phish premiered three new songs at their May 31st show at Fenway Park - "Ocelot," the aforementioned "Time Turns Elastic," and "Light." At their June 2nd show, they premiered the songs "Kill Devil Falls" (at the request of a fan near the stage) and "Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan." On June 5th, 2009, "Twenty Years Later" was played at the Jones Beach show.

Track Listing for Party Time! (Based upon "leaked" image)

1. Backwards Down the Number Line

2. Kill Devil Falls

3. Ocelot

4. Twenty Years Later

5. Splinters of Bat

6. Gone

7. Party Time!

8. Let Me Lie

9. Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan

10. Only a Dream

11. If I Told You

12. Sugar Shack

13. Joy

14. Light

15. I’ve Been Around

16. Time Turns Elastic

Track Listing for Light (Yellow) (Based upon Billboard memo)

1. Hammersmith & Wesson - 6:17

2. Alaska - 4:46

3. Take It Back - 3:23

4. Backwards Down The Number Line - 5:20

5. Greyhound Rising - 5:33

6. Riker's Mailman - 0:34

7. Chronic Survey - 4:20

8. Light (Yellow) - 6:15

9. Magellans Strait - 8:02

10. Eyes On Me - 4:29

11. Air - 5:22

12. Valentine - 4:33

13. New Dream 9 - 5:41

The fact that this proposed track list lacks the song "Time Turns Elastic" may be good indicator that it is incorrect; further, Phish debuted "Ocelot," at Fenway Park on 5.31.9, which song does not appear on this track listing. "Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan" and "Kill Devil Falls" were debuted at Jones Beach on 6.2.9. "Twenty Years Later" was debuted at Jones Beach on 6.5.9.

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