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Pavement - Slow Century


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any chance you can throw that pavement video on megaupload or some equivalent? I've been invited to demonoid a few times but can never get it to work for some reason.

I can send you an invite so you can try again, if you want. I know when people pass the invites along via PM on this board that the code sometimes gets a gap in it for some reason and if you cut and paste the code it won't work.

One thing I've been wondering about since demonoid came back is, why I don't have to log in to the site to be able to see and download the torrents. My cache has definatley been cleared since I have clean installed win 7 twice now on my system, so I know thats not why I can access the site without logging in...anyone else experiencing this? May want to see if you can hit it up BR.

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