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John Prine setlist from last night


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I thought I'd share what I posted to the John Prine Shrine with you all. It was my first full Prine show and it was great. He was in fine voice and his bandmates (double and electric bass/electric guitar dobro) fit in well with his playing style. 2000ish people and 2 1/2 hours of music (JP was on the stage the whole time!) WOW. Anyways, here's the post...

Venue: Cenntenial Hall, London Ontario, Canada

Date: November 22, 2003

By: Dale Young


This show was awesome and John sounded great. So glad to see him in Canada. He even commented that he had stayed away too long but was happy to be here. Gotta go back to work in the steel factory in the morning but just wanted to post and let everyone know the setlist. Some of the new songs I didn't know so I just guessed. What a great show!!!

01 Spanish Pipedream

02 Six O'clock News

03 Souvenirs

04 Far, Far From Me (??)

05 Fish and Whistle

06 Grandpa Was a Carpenter

07 Picture Show

08 I'm Just Getting By

09 All The Best

10 Angel From Montgomery

11 God Bless You All (??)

12 You Got Gold

13 Crazy As A Loon

14 Dear Abby

15 That's The Way That The World Goes Round

16 I'm On The Other Side Of Town (??)

17 Sam Stone

18 Bear Creek (??) dedicated to the Carter family and Johnny Cash

19 Crooked Piece Of Time

20 Killin' The Blues (??)

21 Ain't Hurtin' Nobody

22 Sins Of Memphisto

23 Hello In There (at the end he said "Thanks, Ma!, beautiful!!)

24 Lake Marie

25 E. Please Don't Bury Me

26 E. Illegal Smile

27 E. Paradise

songs 11-16 were solo acoustic

songs 19-21 he played electric guitar

See it live at:


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