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The Doors, Isle of Wight Festival BT

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

Yo! If anyone is a Doors fan, jump on this torrent at Sharing The Groove! I'm listening to it right now, and it is mint.


The Doors

Isle of Wight Festival, England

Sat 29th August 1970


a) SBD>?>Silver Boot CD ("Palace of Exile")>EACSecure>WAV>SHN

B) Audio Cassette>Kenwood Tape Deck>SoundblasterLive5.1>SoundForge>WAV>MKW>SHN


1. Back Door Man 4.38

2. Break on Through 4.50

3. When the Music's Over 11.27

4. Ship of Fools 7.22

5. Roadhouse Blues 5.30

6. Light My Fire 13.45

7. Medley: 15.57

The End->

Across the Sea->


Wake Up->

The End


379 MIB

A Superb soundboard recording featuring the Doors at The IOW, 1970 has been circulating for some time on a variety of labels.

All of the recordings I have heard about have a cut during "The End" (just before the "Wake Up" section).

My original ROIO disk is on the "Megaphone" Label and also has the above section missing.

The recording presented here includes a complete version of "The End Medley" - with the

missing section restored (by myself) from a BBC Radio Broadcast!

This posting also includes the original artwork.


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