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Carl Laudadio's Jazz Recital in the NISH

Jay Funk Dawg

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Bass Player extraordinaire Carl Laudadio performs tonight at 8PM at the St. F.X Auditorium B133

Carl is the bass player for High Plains Drifter

As the final test for Bachelor of Jazz Studies he must perform a selection of jazz compositions for his teachers, peers and the general public. His one hour recital of traditional jazz, jazz fusion and big band tunes will be the highlight of this year's graduating class concert.

Carl Laudadio, bass and vocals. Carl has vast playing experiences, writing and performing for the past ten years with Western Canadian based bands: R & B's Lakeside Distillery, The Rhythm Pigs and Otis. His hard-driving and relentless style is both infectious and hypnotic, and uniquely anchors the rhythm section. He draws from many years of listening and playing a wide range of styles, from folk to reggae, afrobeat to samba. Currently completing his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies at St. FX, Carl has studied under jazz leaders Skip Beckwith, Kieran Overs, Simon Fisk and Andrew Downing. Carl is from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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