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  1. Psychedelic Livetronica jam-band Chameleon Project performs Friday, October 29th at 8PM at Supermarket with special guest DJ Quesquecest? Chameleon Project are releasing first single "Escape Route" from their upcoming album Vanishing Point. Supermarket - 268 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2L9 https://www.supermarketto.ca/ $10 Adv. More details: https://fb.me/e/2CnJfxmYC By distilling the essential elements of acid jazz, drum & bass, dub/reggae, rock, funk and disco, Chameleon Project mixes intoxicating auditory blends that are both intelligent and visceral. With the authenticity of a musical performance and the psyche of electronic dance, CP experiments with unique timbres, sampling, full bodied bass, and heavy, intricate beats. Often compared to Bonobo, Medeski Martin and Wood, STS9, and the Disco Biscuits, Chameleon Project delivers a signature style full of infectious, syncopated grooves. A Chameleon Project show is both head-nod and foot-loose, a resplendently pulsating dance party where positive energy is contagious.
  2. This looks dope guys! Berman, will you be sitting in with Zuffalo again? That was a highlight of this year's Come Together Fest! Interesting venue, is this at La Bamba Banquet Hall?
  3. Thanks for posting Ctowns! I'm a huge fan of Leo's guitar playing. He's a legend. One of my top 10 guitar players of all time. His credits are unparalleled: The Meters of course but also recorded with Dr John, Robert Palmer, Patti Labelle, Sarah McLaughlin, Peter Gabriel, Joe Cocker, the Neville Brothers, Taj Mahal, Etta James, Albert King.... ....here comes the but. He's been a steady deterioration for some time, I suspect from hard drug use. When I was in NYC, I used to catch him play occasionally, once at BB KIngs in a super-group of Pee Wee Ellis and Bernie Worrell. While it was great to see these legends on stage, Leo rocked up all his famous songs and the backing musicians tried to pull of a fusion sound which I thought was off. He didn't seem all there either. I don't know the reason, but he's been on the outs with the rest of the Meter's crew for some time, replaced in The Funky Meters. Members of the funk musician community in NYC would tell me how sad it was to see their hero like this. That being said, I played on a gig with him 2 years ago in Brooklyn. It was his 72 birthday. Mind you he only played 2 songs as a special guest to Zapp, but I thought he did a good job, singing "Fire on the Bayou." He was also great to hang out with, reminding me the he had just won a Grammy lifetime achievement award. Back to the new album, if this was a brand new album, I wouldn't have high hopes, but the fact that this is from his peak period in 1972, I'm super excited to hear it. Apparently, he and the Meters recorded two instrumental albums in Detroit in 1979 with Stevie Wonder that have also never been released... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevie_Wonder's_Superego Did anyone catch the East Coast Canadian Tour he did as the Meter's Experience about 15+ yearss go? I heard that was a bit of a gong show.
  4. Powerful little story. I was in NYC for 6 years - loved hearing stories about the Wetlands!
  5. UmaNotaCulture in collaboration with Nufunk Concerts presents Sunday, September 26th The Human RightsReggae Strong CD Release Party Featuring special guests Caddy Cad, Ras Yunchie, Carol Brown, Maracatu Mar Aberto and mixed by Protourman! DJs Joshua Lucas + DJ Questquecest? Lynx Music - 260 Emerson Ave near Lansdowne and Dupont. Doors 7 PM, Live Music 8 PM, DJs until 11PM Get Tickets / Facebook Event Live and in-person! Held at the same location as the MIXTO Festival! When it comes to Reggae in Canada, few bands do it better—while remaining true to its founding principles—than The Human Rights. Since forming in 2007 around one of the scene’s true lions, Friendlyness (previously of Culture Shock, Truth And Rights and Big Sugar), The Human Rights have developed a modern, high energy sound that blends Roots Reggae with jazz, funk and R&B influences, courtesy of a blazing three-piece horn section and the soulful lead vocals of JUNO nominee Tréson. The Human Rights’ return to the Toronto stage with a live, in-person, outdoor concert to celebrate the release of their latest album in real-life, tangible, CD format! This is your chance to literally get the album in your hands before it is released digitally on Oct 1st. Full bar, food vendors, and beautiful community block party vibes! Check out the new Video for the single "WORKIN" ft. Ras Yunchie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyKKHP2ikc0
  6. Here's a great place to listen to the latest tour: https://relisten.net/phish/2021/09/05/more?source=324850 or watch: https://vimeo.com/jsmelancholy
  7. Hard to believe this festival is going on 25 years so so Yeah Poncho Boy was great, good to see Eddie Max on drums. I wasn't there on Saturday to see the All-Stars, but I would imagine it was members of Mark Wilson & The Way it Is Here's a clip of Reggaddiction: https://fb.watch/7_wEeQO4aO/
  8. From Facebook Warren Haynes Like it was yesterday, I remember making our way to Wetlands, the cool, environmentally-friendly hippie music club in downtown Manhattan. My wife Stefani and I were going to bid farewell to one of our favorite spots which was closing down after a successful 12-year run as one of the hippest music venues ever. We arrived late at night on the evening of September 10 to a club overly packed as usual bracing ourselves for a long, crazy night! Little did we know. A lot of the night is a bit hazy now—and understandably so—but parts of it stand out in my memory. There was a lot of cool spontaneous music being played over the course of the long night but what stands out to me is the time on stage with myself, Mike Gordon and Stanley Jordan sitting in with DJ Logic and Project Logic. We were just having fun—playing unscripted, unpretentious music for a bunch of music loving hippies at the place that virtually spawned the jam band scene. Aside from the fact that it would be closing a few days later (or so we thought) it was just another night at Wetlands. I had played there dozens of times, with the original Warren Haynes Band and with Gov’t Mule, and had sat in on so many occasions with bands like Blues Traveler, the Spin Doctors, Frogwings and the Dave Matthews Band. Having moved to New York City a decade earlier, Wetlands had become a home away from home. We were all gonna hate to see it go. After playing for a long time we all hung out for a while in celebratory fashion. It was after 4 am when we finally left to head back to our apartment which was only ten minutes away. Stefani and I stayed up, unwinding, and finally went to bed around 6 am. Details are a bit hazy here as well as I recall our friend Janine, who lived in our building, calling a little before 9 am but I remember Stefani was already awake. I still remember being in a dream-like state and being told that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Bear in mind that our apartment at that time was on the top floor of a 13-story building and our view to the South was of the Trade Center. Though in recent years some buildings have been constructed between the WTC site and our building, at that time there was nothing between the two that blocked the view and although we were quite far away the view was incredible. Pictures from our balcony looked like postcards and in fact there was a moment in time when myself, our friend Andy Mendelsohn (who also lived in the building), and photographer Danny Clinch talked about doing a book of Sunsets at the World Trade Center featuring pictures taken from our balcony. That never came to fruition which is another story and I digress. Anyway, what happened next is something the whole world remembers but people living in NYC remember much more intensely. We watched it all unfold, as I tell people, “on the world’s biggest TV screen," from our balcony in real time. At first, like most people, we thought it had been an accident. We had been told early on that it was a small private plane but that obviously turned out not to be the case. Still we clung to the belief that it was some sort of mistake. When the second plane hit the world stopped. This was no accident. My first thought was "we’re going to war.” Everything gets hazy from that moment forward. Whatever adrenaline that had not already kicked in surged through our bodies and any feelings of going back to bed after only sleeping for 2 1/2 hours went out the window. We had entered a new world. Our lives were suddenly changed—in a heartbeat. I remember at some point my mom called to see if we were okay and we assured her that we were. Shortly after that we had no phone service—I’m sure for security reasons. What a strange feeling to know that you can’t call anyone and no one can call you at a time when everyone you know is wondering if you’re alright. This lasted for quite a while and then suddenly we had phone service again.The next few days rushed by and dragged by all at the same time. No way to concentrate on anything else, all we did was rehash the same worries and pose the same unanswerable questions. “What was going to happen?” “Were there going to be more attacks?” “In what form would the next one be?” From our balcony we continually watched the progression of events. We could see the huge streams of thick grey and black smoke that were, lucky for us, blowing towards Brooklyn— a whole other direction. Several times while sleeping I would dream that our apartment was filling up with smoke only to wake up with no cause for alarm in that regard. We continued to monitor the smoke which miraculously never shifted in our direction. Our apartment was in the “quarantine zone” which meant there were no vehicles allowed on the streets. From our balcony we could see there were 2 cops on each street corner. ID was required to come or go. It literally looked like what I would picture a war zone to look like. The ironic thing is that when people eventually started venturing out again there was this newfound solidarity among New Yorkers that happened on its’ own. Where normally in NYC everyone is in a hurry, walking briskly, avoiding eye contact and casual conversation, in the days after 9/11, and for quite some time, this was no longer the case. We all felt a unique special bond. We were brought together by a monumental tragic act that affected us all equally and in the same way. Strangers were now stopping on street corners to chat and make small talk. No one was in a rush. Wherever we were going, whatever we were doing- nothing was important in the eyes of the new day, especially when compared to the weightiness that had been thrust upon us all. We were all in this together. You couldn’t leave even if you wanted to. All transportation had been shut down. No one was working. No one was doing anything for fun. There was a built-in guilt that wouldn’t allow us even to laugh or enjoy listening to music or watching television. As I’m writing this I’m reminded of those days after 9-11when all Americans felt a kinship, a shared spirit, a bond, an allegiance. There had been a division among Americans prior to then (not unlike now but nowhere near as visceral) and then something as powerfully devastating as 9/11seemed to remind us all that in spite of any differences we have we are all lucky to be Americans. When I think about what we’re all going through right now I’m amazed that we can’t make that same connection as a nation. Maybe it’s being locked down for all this time. Maybe it’s the internet where fake is real and real is fake. Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve had some recent leaders who only care about themselves which makes them the opposite of a leader. Regardless, it’s been 20 years since 9/11 and we should be able to see the difference. This time it’s not someone else. We’re doing this to ourselves. If we truly believe that America is the greatest country on Earth then let’s stop to think “Why?”. Keep on rocking in the free world.- WH
  9. I only caught the Sunday night line-up. MAIN STAGE MARK WILSON & THE WAY IT IS REGGADDICTION BONFIRE Drummers and Fire Dancers SALOON STAGE PONCHO BOY ZUFFALO w/ Matt Berman (MustStashHat aka Mustache Matt) The rain wouldn't stop this party! It was a wild barn burner, thanks CTMF I needed that!
  10. Does anyone on the board still go to this? FULL SCHEDULE CT@FGT SEPT 3,4,5/2021 Labour Day performers 2021 FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 3rd MAIN STAGE 9:00-11:00 ROAD WAVES SALOON STAGE 12:00-1:30 THE HONEY RUNNERS 1:45- ???? CONOR GAINS BAND SATURDAY SEPT 4 MAIN STAGE 1:00-2:00 THE WITHERED ROOTS 2:15-3:15 THE SECRET SMILES 3:30-4:30 THE UNIVERSE FEATURING RAY(SOLO) 4:45-6:00 GOLDEN FEATHER 6:15-7:15 STELLAR ASH 7:30-8:15 DAN WALSH 8:30-9:30 THE UNIVERSE FEATURING RAY(BAND) 9:45-11:00 TELL IT TO SWEENEY SALOON STAGE 12:00-COME TOGETHER ALL-STARS 1:30-.??. THE DRUPES SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 5th MAIN STAGE 1:00-1:45 RUTHERFORD AND ROSE 2:00-3:00 CHRIS SMITH: 3:15-4:00 STEVE MURPHY EXPERIENCE 4:15 5:15 ROD STANDISH 5:30-6:30 SEAN PINCHIN 6:45-7:45 MONTE CARLO 8:00-9:15 MARK WILSON &THE WAY IT IS 9:30-11:00 REGGADDICTION SALOON STAGE 12:00-1:15 PONCHO BOY 1:30-???? ZUFFALO I'll be there Sunday playing with Reggaddiction and I'm looking forward to hearing Mark Wilson & The Way it Is play this one:
  11. I was also a fan of Granelli's. I turned on to him when he released his Granelli "Music Has its Way With Me" and saw him play in Halifax in a trio where he played those metal sculptures with Skip Beckwith. He was a visionary. https://jerrygranelli.bandcamp.com/album/music-has-its-way-with-me
  12. Friday July 23rd, 2021 5th Annual Groovin' in the Parking Lot x Do Right Soul Revue Live performances from The Soul Motivators, Tush, Odario, The Luvmenauts with DJs Jason Palma, John Kong, DJ Quesquecest Guildwood Go Station - 4105 Kingston Rd., Toronto, ON M1E 2M3 Doors open: 6PM Showtime: 7PM Tickets via Eventbrite $40-60 per car Facebook: https://fb.me/e/2xSSq56HC FAQ: https://beachesjazz.com/about/faq/ Presented by NuFunk Concerts, the 5th Annual Groovin in the Park hits the OLG Main Stage once again. Join us for a night of soul, funk, disco and dance, all from the comfort of your own vehicle. Do Right Music is a Toronto-based independent record label and production company that specializes in funk, soul-jazz, and international sounds. Founded in 2002 by John Kong, the label has introduced some of Canada’s finest independent artists to global audiences. The Soul Motivators www.soulmotivators.com Canada’s premier funk outfit blend 70s funk, modern soul, psychedelic grooves, breakbeats to provide a fresh take on a classic sound. Since the release of their explosive 2015 full-length debut “Free to Believe”, The Soul Motivators have tirelessly toured to bring their high-octane live show to the masses. They continued to push the boundaries of funk on the acclaimed “Dirt On the Floor” EP and collaborations with Funk Night Records on 45 vinyl releases. In 2020, The Soul Motivators released their sophomore album “Do The Damn Thing” showcasing their new powerhouse frontwoman Shahi Teruko. The band is currently working on a new Do right release slated for fall 2021. Tush www.facebook.com/tushdisco Tush is a fast-rising electronic music act from Canada powered by Kamilah Apong and Jamie Kidd. Taking inspiration from electro-funk, early disco, and soulful 90s house, Tush forms a vibe all their own. More grit than glam, their sound embodies the rawness, vulnerability, and intimacy of the dancefloor. Apong and Kidd’s fruitful creative partnership began while covering rare groove disco live together in Toronto nightclubs. With the pandemic de-railing live shows for the year, Tush has pivoted to a more electronic sound that showcases their versatility - their debut album “Fantast” (out July 30) is equal parts house and nu-disco, giving the listener a taste of their heavy chops with a futuristic side of what’s to come. Watch the new video, ‘Chrysalis’: the first single on their forthcoming album. Odario www.facebook.com/odariomusic Odario is a storyteller, hip-hop junkie, and lover of musical soundscapes. Best known as the frontman for hip-hop outfit Grand Analog, his soulful hip-hop vibes, distinctive voice, and insightful lyrics have been featured on three albums and numerous singles, including tracks with Posdnuos of De La Soul, Mad Professor, and Shad. As the host of the popular CBC Music program Afterdark, which recently celebrated its third year, he spreads the indie soul flavour across the Canadian airwaves and beyond. He recently released his solo debut “Good Morning Hunter” - a highly original and eclectic 7-track EP that blends hip-hop, beat poetry, live instrumentation, and even a drum n’ bass dub. The Luvmenauts www.theluvmenauts.com Eclectic Toronto-based collective, The Luvmenauts, are dedicated to paying homage to the cinematic sounds of the past. The core band consists of Andrew Moljgun (keys), Josh Cavan (guitar), Alex Furlott (bass), and Jon Hyde (drums). together, they are on a mission to create soundtracks for films that never were. The Luvmenauts have self-released three full-length LPs, running the gamut from psychedelic surf to spaghetti western. In their latest outing, “Extravehicular Activity”, The Luvmenauts have created the score for an empyreal journey through an alternate universe. DJs: DJ John Kong’s selections for the dancefloor echo his work as a label boss with Toronto-based Do Right Music. His DJ sets are a genre-bending mix of jazz, funk, disco, house, and hip-hop - the only common denominator being one great groove after another. Considered one of Toronto’s most popular DJs, Jason Palma has pushed the groove via his weekly radio show ‘Higher Ground’ on CIUT. Beyond playing countless parties across the city, Palma has held a decades long monthly residency ‘Footprints.’ A concert promoter, musician, DJ, label owner, and avid music collector, DJ Quesquecest is French for “what is that?” and throwing down rare and exclusive big beats between sets at live events is his signature. Co-Founder of Brooklyn’s No Wahala DJs and Toronto's the Make it Funky Collective. Curated by www.nufunk.ca
  13. Nice man! I enjoyed the Les Paul story. You should consider getting a twitter handle to let people know there's a new post. hyperlink www.toddmanout.com
  14. Good points in this post I've thought it was a good idea to make it easier for his heirs, but I didn't take into account that the Biden Admin may raise capital gains and Dylan takes advantage of a lower tax rate. This is likely the peak time for him to sell.
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