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  1. BTW, Todd, i also enjoyed reading your post. Once thing I was surprised about Eddie's passing was the praise from Ozzy Osborne. Ozzie chose Randy Rhoads to join his band to emulate Eddie's playing and 2 hand tapping style. His guitar playing was responsible for reinventing Ozzy with hits like Crazy Train & Mr Crowley. Randy was planning on leaving the band to pursue other avenues and was asked to stay on for another tour. And on that tour Randy died in a plane crash. To me it seemed to be insensitive to Randy to dismiss Randy as a copy-cat. “That thing with finger-tapping in the 80s, with the hair bands, everybody was doing that finger tapping. Once you’ve seen the master do it, everyone else comes second. Anybody after Eddie Van Halen was in second, as far as I’m concerned.” https://www.nme.com/en_asia/news/music/ozzy-osbourne-pays-tribute-to-eddie-van-halen-2775671 Eddie Van Halen said in an interview in 1982 that 'Randy Rhoads Learned It All From Me' - this suggest to me there was rivalry between the guitarists.
  2. rare reggae-jazz album. ft. Eric Gayle and Peter Tosh
  3. As a kid, I had a Starways flyer route, delivering junk mail around the neighbourhood and I would take my meager earnings with me to Driftwood Music on Queen St. downtown Toronto, between Much Music and University Ave. Driftwood had a great selection of used tapes, all for $4-$6 dollars a piece. I didn't have any older brothers so I discovered classic rock primarily by taking leap of faith on purchases of tapes falling hard for Almans Brothers, Black Sabbath, Cream, Pink Floyd, The Doors, AC/DC Blind Faith, Led Zeppelin etc.. I remember grabbing Van Halen 1, 2 & Diver Down... but really getting drawn in by their debut... so many great songs. I remember getting into them again when Right Now came out, it was an entirely sound, but still great band. I caught them at The Molson Amp, Our Lady Peace, I think, opened. This is my favourite track:
  4. Philip Seymour Hoffman as CREEM editor Lester Bangs in the film "Almost Famous." The real Lester Bangs
  5. 2019 - USA - 75 MINUTES A FILM BY SCOTT CRAWFORD FEATURING: CAMERON CROWE, ALICE COOPER, KIRK HAMMETT, JOAN JETT, MICHAEL STIPE, GENE SIMMONS, PAUL STANLEY, CHAD SMITH, PETER WOLF, WAYNE KRAMER Distributed in Canada by WeLikeFilms in association with Hollywood Suite Rent the film for $9.99 starting on July 31st here; http://www.filmswelike.com/films/creem-americas-only-rock-n-roll-magazine Ripping back the curtain on legendary rock rag CREEM Magazine's wild and disruptive newsroom; a dysfunctional band of unruly outsiders who weren’t all that different from the artists they covered. Capturing the messy upheaval of the '70s just as rock was re-inventing itself, the film explores Creem Magazine's humble beginnings in post-riot Detroit, follows its upward trajectory from underground paper to national powerhouse, then bears witness to its imminent demise following the tragic and untimely deaths of its visionary publisher, Barry Kramer, and its most famous alum and genius clown prince, Lester Bangs, a year later. Fifty years after publishing its first issue, "America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine" remains a seditious spirit in music and culture.
  6. White Riot White Riot is a moment in time when music changed the world. When a generation challenged the status quo. It’s Woodstock meets the March on Washington, punk-style. New Release 😧 Rubika Shah | 80 min | 2019 | UK | RATING: PG VIRTUAL CINEMA SCREENINGSVirtual Cinema Screenings start July 9th. Cost to rent = $9.99 (includes tax). Rent it via Hot Docs Cinema: https://boxoffice.hotdocs.ca/websales/pages/info.aspx?evtinfo=127738~fff311b7-cdad-4e14-9ae4-a9905e1b9cb0&epguid=8533b035-0c76-4133-bf01-9b9878c87b37& Britain, late-1970s. Punk is exploding. The country is deeply divided over immigration. The National Front, a far-right and fascist political party, is gaining strength as politicians like Enoch Powell push a xenophobic agenda. Outraged by a racist speech from Eric Clapton, music photographer Red Saunders writes a letter to the music press, calling for rock to be a force against racism. NME, Melody Maker, and Sounds all publish the letter. Flooded with responses, Red discovers many share his views. Teaming up with like-minded creatives Roger Huddle, Kate Webb, Syd Shelton and Australian graphic designer Ruth Gregory, the team bands together to create Rock Against Racism (RAR) and a fanzine, Temporary Hoarding. Speaking directly to the youth, Temporary Hoarding reports stories and issues that the mainstream British media ignores, like immigration, the Catholic side of the Northern Ireland conflict, and the police’s controversial “suspected persons” (sus) powers. They give a voice to the voiceless. The National Front begins to strike back, committing acts of violence against RAR supporters and petrol-bombing their HQ. Despite this, RAR spreads virally across the UK and into Europe, becoming a grassroots youth movement. The Clash, Steel Pulse, Tom Robinson and other top bands of the day jump on board.
  7. Do Right Music in association with Nufunk.ca are excited to announce that The Soul Motivators will be hosting a watch party here on Saturday, May 9th at 9pm ET (6pm PT), premiering their ‘Do The Damn Thing’ album release concert video in full. The concert was recorded at Lee's Palace in Toronto on February 28, 2020. We hope you’ll enjoy some great live footage from this 9-piece explosion who are at the top of their game! Set the reminder and watch the full concert stream via: The Soul Motivators page or YouTube https://youtu.be/iwVW8YwlzNY The Soul Motivators are a 9-piece, 3 horn deep funk explosion, with a rough, tough, and soulful flair that motivates people straight to the dance floor. With a brand new LP out now on Do RIght Music getting support from BBC Radio's Craig Charles Funk Show, Exclaim! Magazine, CBC Radio, SportsNet Hockey and more!Listen to the new album now!
  8. Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad with special guest Street Pharmacy and ReggaddictionThursday, May 21st, 2020Lee's Palace - 529 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ONTime: Doors 8pm | Show: 9pmTickets: $30 Online Tickets: http://bit.ly/PandaTO Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/556985638494014/ NEW YORK REGGAE HEAVYWEIGHTS GIANT PANDA GUERILLA DUB SQUAD ARE COMING TO TORONTO The Billboard chart topping “Grateful Dead of reggae” will perform at Lee’s Palace on Thursday, May 21, with Ontario bands Street Pharmacy and Reggaddiction to open the show. Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad (GPGDS) formed in 2001 in Rochester, New York. A mysteriously fertile area for developing the U.S. reggae scene, the city has ties going back to 1981 when Lee “Scratch” Perry recruited his entire backing band from Rochester. The Upstate NY region became early supporters of GPGDS, while its members were in high school, playing weekly gigs to cut their teeth. In these formative years, Giant Panda began to explore their songs with an experimental approach, mixing in layers of afro-beat, R&B and americana, while keeping their roots firmly planted in reggae rhythms and lyrical content. Around 2005 tapers began to notice and soon after one of the band’s first Colorado shows received homepage placement on the popular taper website Archive.org. Almost overnight GPGDS became a mainstay on the jamband festival circuit. After five years of synthesizing their sound on the road, GPGDS released their first studio album Slow Down (2006) proving their abilities as songwriters and setting the stage for a string of eclectic releases, topping the Billboard Reggae chart twice along the way with Steady (2014 Easy Star Records) and Make It Better (2016 Rootfire Cooperative). In 2019 the band released two singles, “Stop Fighting” and “Cool It,” followed by their first release of 2020 “Good Love.” Now two decades into their careers Giant Panda has become an institution, widely regarded as “the Grateful Dead of reggae” and continuing to grow with the world around them. See them perform at Lee’s Palace in Toronto on Thursday, May 21, with Ontario bands Street Pharmacy and Reggaddiction opening the show.
  9. I saw very cheap tickets as low as $9! I haven't seen much hype about it lately. I hope there's some surprises!
  10. Jaimoe, I also live in Kingston Road Village! I've been here almost 2 years now. I think I may have passed by you not too long ago! This is a great hood!
  11. THE SOUL MOTIVATORS Do The Damn Thing Ontario & Quebec Spring 2020 tour dates “The Soul Motivators deepen their groove and expand both their sonic palette and social consciousness of their second album” Exclaim! Magazine “The horn-enhanced band swing like a donkey’s undercarriage, and are unmissable live.” ~ MOJO Magazine, UK Soul Motivators links: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram Do The Damn Thing Tour information: Saturday March 14 Stratford ON @ Revival House 70 Brunswick Street with DJ Edward Bear 8:30 pm doors | $20 advance at Ticketscene Facebook event Friday March 27 Hamilton ON @ Mills Hardware 95 King Street East 8 pm doors | $15 advance at Eventbrite | $20 door Facebook event Thursday May 7 Montreal QC @ Groove Nation 410 rue Rachel est with Nile Groove and Hanorah + DJ Scott C 8 pm doors | $15 advance at ThePointOfSale.com | $23 door Facebook event Friday May 8 Wakefield QC @ The Blacksheep Inn 753 Chemin Riverside 6 pm doors | $15 advance at theblacksheepinn.com | $20 door Facebook event Saturday May 9 Peterborough ON @ The Historic Red Dog Tavern 189 Hunter Street West with Nile Groove 9 pm doors | $12 advance at Eventbrite | $20 doors Facebook event Thursday May 14 Kitchener ON @ Sugar Run 9 pm doors | $20 advance | $25 doors Facebook event Thursday May 28 Guelph ON @ eBar 37 Quebec Street with DJ Todd Britton 8 pm doors | $12 advance at Eventbrite | $15 doors Facebook event
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