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  1. Nice man! I enjoyed the Les Paul story. You should consider getting a twitter handle to let people know there's a new post. hyperlink www.toddmanout.com
  2. Good points in this post I've thought it was a good idea to make it easier for his heirs, but I didn't take into account that the Biden Admin may raise capital gains and Dylan takes advantage of a lower tax rate. This is likely the peak time for him to sell.
  3. This Saturday, December 5th Make it Funky’s #FunkRaiders V.8! The best global funky bass, DnB & Breaks #Twitch livestream continues with a lineup that will have you dancing all day and night from wherever you are in the world. Join us in the chat as we take you from stream to stream welcoming special live performances by That 1 Guy from Las Vegas, DJ Lickweed from Australia, DJ Clairvo from Hungary, DJ Chad Fox from Puerto Rico! We can’t wait to debut UK DJs HongKongPingPong & Hiphoppapotamus and feature our famous residents Farbsie Funk, DJ Maculate, VJ Tanner, DJ Quesq
  4. Nice Bouche, I'm on the JamKazam too... I've had some great and not so great jams on there. I'll find you on there!
  5. I enjoyed the Audible Brutality interview, nice to see you pushing the boundaries with your playing.
  6. With a vaccine on the horizon, Ticketmaster/LiveNation needs to get their business back on track and is probably looking to implement any type of system that can show that events are safe spaces... and I can see that all types of hospitality industries are going to implement similar systems. The future looks bright with the vaccine announcement by Pfizer and Moderna, but big brother will be watching us even closer.
  7. MIXTO FESTIVAL:INTERCULTURAL EXPRESSIONS FREEONLINE EDITION November 27-29, 2020 www.mixtofestival.com Imagined and produced by a collective of local artists and cultural presenters who have joined together to host a multi-day festival of music, food, and art. This year’s MIXTO Festival brings old school flavour to the internet! The weekend-long event highlights Toronto's “mixed” nature through regional and international programming. A three-day online festival bringing together diverse local music and bridging communities, cultures, and contemporary intercultural experiences
  8. Turn it up for Make It Funky’s #FunkRaiders v.6 the best global funky bass, DnB & Breaks livestream, tomorrow(Sat. Nov 7th)!This special installment includes 2x UK Beatbox Champion Beardyman, breakstep innovator Deekline, trailblazing production team @AllGoodFunkAlliance, emerging bass-heavy, funky house artist Rumpus soul brother TheGaff plus regulars Farbsie Funk, Maculate,DJ Aiden Scott,DJ Quesquecest, Mista Twista andDJ Tanner. 3PM to 3AM. more visit www.makeitfunky.ca SCHEDULE IN EST TIME 3PM | DJ Quesquecest | www.twitch.tv/nufunkrecords 4PM | VJ Tanner | www.twitch.tv/d
  9. BTW, Todd, i also enjoyed reading your post. Once thing I was surprised about Eddie's passing was the praise from Ozzy Osborne. Ozzie chose Randy Rhoads to join his band to emulate Eddie's playing and 2 hand tapping style. His guitar playing was responsible for reinventing Ozzy with hits like Crazy Train & Mr Crowley. Randy was planning on leaving the band to pursue other avenues and was asked to stay on for another tour. And on that tour Randy died in a plane crash. To me it seemed to be insensitive to Randy to dismiss Randy as a copy-cat. “That thing with f
  10. rare reggae-jazz album. ft. Eric Gayle and Peter Tosh
  11. As a kid, I had a Starways flyer route, delivering junk mail around the neighbourhood and I would take my meager earnings with me to Driftwood Music on Queen St. downtown Toronto, between Much Music and University Ave. Driftwood had a great selection of used tapes, all for $4-$6 dollars a piece. I didn't have any older brothers so I discovered classic rock primarily by taking leap of faith on purchases of tapes falling hard for Almans Brothers, Black Sabbath, Cream, Pink Floyd, The Doors, AC/DC Blind Faith, Led Zeppelin etc.. I remember grabbing Van Halen 1, 2 & Diver Down... but re
  12. Philip Seymour Hoffman as CREEM editor Lester Bangs in the film "Almost Famous." The real Lester Bangs
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