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..any F1 fans out there...1st race Sat!!


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The Australian Grand Prix, the 1st race of the 2003 F1 season is on Sat. 10pm TSN. Our boy Jacques Villeneuve had the 3rd fastest time in qualifying yesterday.....maybe he'll actually finish a race this season...!!! or get a podium finish...

Anyhow, if there's any other F1 fans out there, I'm always looking for someone to get up with at 7am on a Sunday and watch the races live on the big-screen!!

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Great race!!! no Ferrari's on the podium (rare) and a good amount of craziness!! Jacques finished just outside the points, BAR was doing well until both cars came into the pits and the same time !!?!? duh....

Australian GP Results

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP)—

Results of Sunday's season'a opening Formula One Australian Grand Prix at the 5.303-kilometer (3.295-mile) Albert Park Circuit:

1, David Coulthard, Scotland, McLaren, 1 hour, 34 minutes, 42.124 seconds, 58 laps, average speed 194.868 kph (121.1 mph).

2, Juan Pablo Montoya, Colombia, Williams, 1:34.50.799, 58 laps

3, Kimi Raikkonen, Finland, McLaren, 1:34.51.316, 58 laps

4, Michael Schumacher, Germany, Ferrari, 1:34.51.606, 58 laps

5, Jarno Trulli, Italy, Renault, 1:35.20.925, 58 laps

6, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Germany, Sauber, 1:35.26.052, 58 laps

7, Fernando Alonso, Spain, Renault, 1:35.27.198, 58 laps

8, Ralf Schumacher, Germany, Williams, 1:35.27.869, 58 laps

9, Jacques Villeneuve, Canada, BAR Honda, 1:35.47.660, 58 laps

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I was at the Australian F1 three years ago when Jaques crashed about 10 laps into the race and his tire killed one of the marshals. All I remember was seeing him fly by a straight away, I looked up to the sceens and saw a big crash. Pretty scary moment.

Despite that crash, it was a great event. I love Melbourne!

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cool!! well not that incident, but you know...

Jacques did finish, I don't think he finished the last 6++ (?) races of last season...if not more - so this is already an improvement!! BAR would've gotten some points if not for that retarded double pit... [Roll Eyes]

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