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Who's touring while Burt's on break?


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So we're in a bit of a dilemma...the Burties are taking a well deserved, but not needed break.

we could start another redundant thread but we all know it's gonna happen so why cry about it...

Anyway: my dilemma is that there's not a single canadian jamband that I know of that tours as extensively in Ontario as BNB.

maybe i'm not very well versed in canadian jamband lore, but I really want to see some great shows, but there won't be quite as many.

I do know that GRUVASYLUM (groove asylum) will be playing the bacchus lounge on thursday(that's in london ontario, people) so anyone inthe area should check it out...anyhow, back to my question:

which bands tour the college towns in Ontario? and if you're in touch with any of them, tell them to play London, willya??

yet again...anyone within a 2 hour radius (at least) of London should be there on the 25th of october at the Bacchus Lounge. Cover's like 3 bucks and one of the best bands i've ever seen will be playing there. they're called gruvasylum. check it out at brownman.com

see them as much as you can.

they make me content.

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