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O-head in ann arbor


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11/04/01 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI

I: Little Faces, Army's on Ectasy, Owner of the World, Pseudo Suicide, Radon Ballon, Rubberneck Lions, Shadow of a Man, Polka Dot Rose, Birthday Boys, Mr. Oysterhead

Encore: Immigrant Song

Not sure how many canadians were at this show but it was kickin show. A nice preview to wednesdays show.

Just to let you all know, O-head plays only 1 set that range from 1:40-2:00 hrs long. Some folk who don't know this left the show feeling disappointed. The show ripped but a couple of my friend went thinking i was going to be the usual 2 set show. Too bad for them, SUCKERS!!!!

Long live MR. OYSTERHEAD !!!!!!!!!!

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